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Twisted Sister Statement Regarding the CoronaVirus

Even though Twisted Sister retired from live performing in 2016, we remain connected to our worldwide fanbase and hope that all of our fans get through this very difficult time.

The Corona Virus is affecting the whole world and the members of Twisted Sister are not immune from its effects in some form.

While none of the band members and their immediate family has had it, we are all taking actions, as everyone should, to minimize the risk.

Washing hands, wearing facemasks when we go out and limiting human to human contact (as much as is reasonable) are immediate actions we all need to take at this time.

A member of our road crew had the virus but has successfully come through it.

Several band members have also lost friends directly to the virus.

All of our friends in the music business are out of work on the touring side
and we feel for all of them. There is no corner of the health and working world that this disease has not totally transformed into a world in which we never thought we would see in our lifetimes.

We want to thank all first responders, healthcare, police and firefighters on the frontlines of this disease as well as all the workers who have to work in factories, restaurants and delivery services during this time.

We will, if necessary, update all of our fans when we have something important to add to this conversation.

Until then please be safe and take all precautions to keep you and your families safe during this monumentally historic time in human history!

Jay Jay, Dee, Eddie & Mark