Graspop Metal Meeting, 28-June, 2013

I’m speechless. Oh, of course not! Really, you couldn’t possibly believe that, now, can you? The fans, road crew, band and yours truly kept repeating one word in the moments to follow Twisted Sister’s performance at Graspop last night, and that word was: EPIC. The dictionary defines “Epic”, the adjective, as “extending beyond the usual […]

Graspop Metal Meeting 2013, 28-June

Your saturated setlist… It’s almost 4 a.m. and we’re soggy from head to toe: 1. You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll 2. Shoot ’em Down 3. Stay Hungry 4. The Beast 5. The Kids Are Back 6. I Believe In Rock n’ Roll 7. We’re Not Gonna Take It 8. The Fire Still Burns 9. […]

Hellfest, Clisson France, 21-June, 2013

Bonjour mesdames and monsieurs! I’m going to make this easy–plain and simple–Twisted Sister absolutely destroyed Hellfest last night. It was a sixty-minute onslaught of pure metal acceleration, from the opening note until the last ring of the amplifier. There is nothing-NOTHING–that can compare to Twisted Sister playing a European festival. The fans will be talking […]

Hellfest Setlist, Clisson France, 21-June, 2013

Twisted simply DESTROYED Hellfest! 1. You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll 2. Shoot ’em Down 3. Stay Hungry 4. The Beast 5. The Kids Are Back 6. We’re Not Gonna Take It 7. The Price 8. Burn in Hell 9. The Fire Still Burns 10. I Wanna Rock 11. It’s Only Rock and Roll Full […]

Republic of Texas Biker Rally, Austin Texas, June 15, 2013

Here we go, my babies! Get your motor running and head out on the highway…coming to you from the live music capital of the world and the Great Republic of Texas’ Guiness Book of World Records Holder for the largest motorcycle parade…the Austin Texas ROT motorcycle rally! Thirty years after their first show in Austin […]

SETLIST ROT Biker Rally, Austin TX 06/15/13

Ladies and Gentlemen… Here’s the SPOILER ALERT…the ENCORE alone was worth it all! Your setlist, from the Great Republic of Texas, Biker Rally Austin Texas, June 15, 2013 1.You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll 2. Shoot ’em Down 3. Stay Hungry 4. The Beast 5. The Kids Are Back 6. I Believe in Rock n’ […]

M3: Merriweather Post, Columbia MD 5/4/13: DAY 2: TWISTED SISTER

I don’t know how many different ways I can say this: Twisted Sister didn’t just destroy the M3 Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Saturday night….they demolished it. Wait, not just demolition…we’re talking total, absolute nuclear annhiliation! Just imagine–if that’s what Twisted Sister could do in a 60-minute set, just IMAGINE what they would have done […]

M3, Merriweather Post, 5/3/13 – DAY 1 KIX/W.A.S.P.

The M3 Festival has become a moderately recent Maryland rock tradition, but it has brought together some of the biggest names in 80’s heavy metal year after year. Merriweather Post is located in the sleepy suburbs of Columbia, MD, a bedroom community for many Washington, DC commuters. Greats such as Led Zeppelin played there (and […]