Copenhell Road Report, 14-June, 2014 Copenhagen Denmark

In a word: Copenhell was a night of absolute metal destruction. Twisted Sister put those young bands to shame, demonstrating that you don’t need youth, pyrotechnics or 5 trucks worth of stage equipment in order to put on the best live show in rock n’ roll. Twisted Sister kicked some serious ass, as they always […]

SETLIST Copenhell 12-June 2014

Here is your hellish setlist from Copenhell 1. Stay Hungry 2. The Kids Are Bsck 3. Shoot ’em Down 4. The Beast 5. Don’t Let Me Down 6. You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll 7. Captain Howdy 8. Street Justice 9. We”re Not Gonna Take It 10. The Price 11. I Believe in Rock n’ […]

Official Road Report, Rocklahoma, Pryor OK May 24, 2014

For my short-attention spanned members of the press: here is your 30-second synopsis—while Twisted Sister did not hold the headliner slot last Saturday night at Rocklahoma, they certainly held the title at the top, in Dee’s own words–turning Rocklahoma into “I Wanna Rocklahoma!” More than 60,000 at this year’s Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma gave Twisted […]

Rocklahoma Setlist, Pryor OK May 24, 2014

And here’s last night”s sweltering setlist… 1. Stay Hungry 2. Shoot ’em Down 3. You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll 4. The Kids Are Back 5. I Believe in Rock n’ Roll 6. We”re Not Gonna Take It 7. The Fire Still Burns 8. The Price 9. Burn in Hell 10. I Wanna Rock encore […]

Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ 05/17/14

Hooray! Hooray! The blog is back! Thank you Webbie for fixing the blog after it was spammed into oblivion! Welcome back, my babies! Here we are once again for the 2014 Twisted Sister tour season and we’re already off to a fantastic start. Superstorm Sandy may have flooded the place, but Twisted Sister blew the […]

Heaven and Hellfest, Mexico City March 15, 2014

The band and road crew were all set to go. Jay Jay went down early to have a little bit of tourism time, but the rest of us were here in the states, passport and plane tickets in hand. I had purchased my ticket awhile back, and in order to prevent some of the issues […]