There is so much to share with you, my babies, that I’m going to break this into two blog entries. The first entry will be all travel and pre-show, to give you a flavor of a day in the life of a rock band. The second part will be the show itself. That said, I […]

SETLIST See Rock, Graz Austria, 2-August, 2014

Your schnitzel filled setlist for See Rock, Graz Austria 2-August, 2014 1. Stay Hungry 2. The Kids Are Back 3. You Can’t Stop N’ Roll 4. Captain Howdy 5. Street Justice 6. We’re Not Gonna Take It 7. I Believe in Rock N’ Roll 8. Shoot ’em Down 9. Under The Blade 10. The Fire […]

OFFICIAL Road Report SEE ROCK, Graz Austria 2-August, 2014

I suppose it would be highly politically incorrect to say that Twisted Sister annihilated Austria, given the pending anniversary of World War and the German occupation of Austria during WWII. So notwithstanding the historical overtones, Twisted Sister demolished the See Rock Festival in epic fashion. Austrian newspapers hailed it as the best concert in See […]


KNOCK! KNOCK! WHO’S THERE? TWISTED SISTER… TWISTED SISTER WHO? TWISTED FUCKING SISTER, THAT’S WHO! And we’re here in Austria to kick your asses! Are you ready Austria?!! We’re ready!

SETLIST from Fox & Friends American Concert Series

SETLIST From Fox & Friends, American Concert Series 7 a.m. July 25, 2014 Downtown Manhattan Your eye-opener, Wake the F*ck up, NYC! Set list: 1. I Wanna Rock 2. The Kids Are Back 2.5 (I’ll explain later) Shoot ’em Down 3. The Price 4. You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll 5. We’re Not Gonna Take […]

Official Road Report Sommarfest, Svedala Sweden 11-July, 2014

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those who prefers the cliff notes to the bound edition, here ya’ go: Sweden was absolutely mind-blowing! The quality that only comes from a show in Scandanavia—we’re talking boss sound and enough pyro to blow up a small city—everything about this show was flawless. A perfect show through and […]