Setlist for Clearfield County Fair, PA, 08/04/12

Your somewhat soggy end-of-summer setlist: 1. What You Don’t Know 2. The Kids Are Back 3. Stay Hungry 4. Wake Up The Sleeping Giant 5. I Believe in Rock N’ Roll 6. You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll 7. The Fire Still Burns 8. Shoot ’em Down 9. We’re Not Gonna Take It 10. The […]

Last show of the summer!

That’s right, my babies…we’re finally at the last show of the summer! Twisted Sister will be headlining the Clearfield County Fair, PA this Saturday, August 4th–the local newspaper estimates the fair draws 100,000 people each year, so let’s pack the fairgrounds from the front row to the fried dough! See you Saturday– no better way […]

Graspop Metal Meeting (GMM) Dessel, Belgium, June 23, 2012

It has been eight long years since our boys in black and pink graced the stage in Belgium–and 17 years of waiting to finally play Graspop–but one thing is for certain: Graspop and its fans will never be the same again. According the Belgian press, numbers are still being calculated from yesterday, but they estimated […]

The Armadillo has landed!

This isn’t exactly the moon…and I ain’t no eagle…but the band and crew are making their way to Belgium. I believe there may be a few still in transit, but most are resting comfortably, aided perhaps by the gray and rainy skies here in Belgium. I’m easily the most rested of the bunch having just […]

Official Armadillo Road Report for Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria Spain June 14, 2012

Welcome to what I have now deemed: “The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lyin’, The Bitchin’ & The Buttprobe”. Hauling suitcases, gear and such across Europe is quite honestly, a real pain in the keister–now I understand why the young folks “backpack across Europe”, as opposed to “wheeled-luggage-and-schlep-boxes-of-crap-and-hang-your-shoes-off-your-messenger-bag-across-Europe.” Madrid (and Brugges, where I currently sit) are […]

Setlist for Vitoria Spain, ARF, June 14, 2012

Aqui esta Setlist para Vitoria Espana! Your setlist from the Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria Spain, June 14, 2012 1. What You Don’t Know 2. The Kids Are Back 3. Stay Hungry 4. Wake Up the Sleeping Giant 5. You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll 6. Sin After Sin 7. Huevos Con Aceite (I’ll explain it […]

Sweden epilogue…on to Spain!

The day after Twisted played Sweden was pure afterglow. I walked about the streets in Kristianstad, sampled the tasty treats of street vendors and just enjoyed the rare sunny day. To my delight, I spied a big, white box truck bearing the Motorhead logo, parked alongside a matching VW bug. Figuring it was band gear, […]