Here we go, babies. The End.

So this is how it ends. When I wrote that very first road report—a deliriously excited story about my trek to what to me seemed like the far reaches of the universe—New Jersey—I never imagined that there would be another show, let alone another decade plus a few extra years. I remember that day as […]

A word from the road…

Here we are, my babies, at the beginning of the end. I feel I owe you all, my faithful readers (both of you) an explanation for the lack of activity on the blog this summer. With my new status as full-on crew member, my responsibilities have increased which has resulted in the most ironic of […]

Nova Rock, Pannonia Fields, Austria 12-June, 2016.

Alright, so I was wrong. THIS will be the shortest road report ever. I can honestly say this–I escorted our band onto the stage–and I escorted them off and into the vans. THAT is all I saw of the show. Unfortunately for me, the dressing rooms were a shuttle ride from the stage, and so […]

Sweden Rock 2016 10-June, 2016

And here we are, babies. The beginning of the end. The first full show of Forty and Fuck It Farewell Tour. I almost hate starting the tour with Sweden Rock because it is such a well-run festival that almost every other festival pales in comparison. But alas, we begin. I can almost guarantee that this […]

Sweden Rock 2016 Setlist

1. What you don’t know 2. The Kids Are Back 3. Burn in Hell 4. Destroyer 5. Like a Knife in the Back 6. You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll 7. Fire Still Burns 8. I Am, I’m Me 9. I Wanna Rock 10. The Price 11. I Believe in Rock n’ Roll 12. Under […]

Twisted Sister in Vegas Sunday Night!

Welcome back folks for the kickoff of the long awaited Forty and Fuck It! Farewell Tour.  Stay tuned–the first appearance will be a special show in Vegas–Twisted Sister are the honored guests at the Vegas Rocks Hair Metal Awards Show Sunday May 15th at the Eastside Cannery Casino in Las Vegas.  Note: our boys in pink […]

Toreboda Festivalen, Toreboda, Sweden, 2-July, 2015

Well, well, well babies. Here we are in one of my favorite places: Sweden.  And let me tell you, I didn’t think anything would top Bulgaria’s show, but the little town on Toreboda blew US away. Let me back up, here. After another 48 hour work day, we landed in Gotenborg Sweden, a really fun […]