Thank you Norway….On To SwedenRock!

The last two days in Norway gave us considerably better weather. Given it was the day before load-out, I opted to take it easy (I’ve pretty much left treads on every street in Trondheim)and converted my room into a makeshift laundry.

While washing the aforementioned unmentionables, I hear a rumble outside the window that sounded like a C-130 was landed below. As it grew closer, I looked out the window to see what could be rattling the hotel which such force, and lo, and behold! Diesel Dahl had arranged for a little surprise–A.J. said it was EXACTLY what he had been dreaming about: a group of local bikers from the Ancient Troopers MC (what a great name! I think there should be band named that!) pulled up in front of the hotel, bringing A.J. his very own set of wheels for the day. So our A.J. on his “sounds of thunder” took off with our very own Joe Gerber (dubbed “Gerber the Disturber”) and Mr. Danny Stanton and enjoyed a beautiful (albeit chilly) day seeing the twists, turns, curves and fyords of Norway on 2 wheels.

Special props and many thanks to our brothers of the Ancient Troopers M.C. for their gracious hospitality and for taking our twisted trio on a great ride. Props as well to the entire staff of the host hotel and all of the crew who worked the show. A special shout out to Gert (pronounced: Gare-it) a local student studying the hospitality industry, who should get extra credit for all of the assistance and personalized attention he gave us this weekend! So many local Norwegians showed is such graciousness and generosity, thank you to all of you!

Today was spent entirely in transit–due to a huge strike, the airport security lines were extremely backed up and slow. I met George & crew in the lobby for a 0630 hrs loadout, followed by essentially an entire morning at the airport and then we parted ways for a beautiful, picturesque rural ride to our hotel. (band at one place, crew at another)

I believe I am getting the true rock and roll experience. I realized today that I had no concept what time of day it was, what day of the week it is nor the date…I couldn’t tell you what hotel we are at and honestly–if you promised me $100 right now, I could NOT tell what the name of the town we’re in. I can tell you it’s an old hotel that is downright SPOOKY. I swear, there must be some paranormal activity here. The elevators are blasting Iron Maiden 24/7 in honor of Sweden Rock.

After locating a local “Apotek” (pharmacy), I scored the Swedish equivalent of Alka Seltzer Cold–which was impossible to translate, but it seems that “plop plop fizz fizz” is universal.

I managed to stuff myself with meats and treats from a local BBQ joint and now I can barely keep my eyes open…

Tomorrow Sweden rocks, my babies


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