Over the years, Twisted Sister has received innumerable requests for signed items. As a result of increasing demand, we've decided to make signed TS memorabilia available through our web site!

The following items are now available:

NEW!! Autographed Twisted Sister Christmas Cards
($35.00 plus shipping and handling [if ordered alone], $25.00 plus shipping and handling [if ordered with another item]):
Signed by all members of the band.
Please Note: Only choose the 'Card with Other Items' option if you are ordering another item from this page! Choosing this option without ordering items will delay delivery!

Price Options

Signed Twisted Sister Promo Photos ($35.00 plus shipping and handling): Signed by all members of the band.

Signed Twisted Sister Promotional and/or Tour Posters ($50.00 plus shipping and handling): Limited quantities! Signed by all members of the band. Subject to availability - first come, first served!

Single CD packages ($40.00 per disc plus shipping and handling) * Signed by all members of the band.
Signed CD's available:
Armoury Records Re-master series - "Club Daze", "Club Daze 2" (available May 1), "Live at Hammersmith" (available May 1), "You Can't Stop Rock n Roll", "Come Out & Play", "Love is For Suckers".
Other titles:
"A Twisted Christmas", reviewed as the greatest metal holiday album ever made!
"Still Hungry" The bands personal recreation of Stay Hungry plus bonus disc of newly recorded material. (Single CD with 7 newly-recorded tracks)

Double CD, CD/DVD combo packages ($45.00 per 2 disc package plus shipping and handling): Signed by all members of the band.
Signed Packages available:
Stay Hungry - Atlantic/ Rhino official re-master from original tapes plus additional CD of 1983 demo's for the Stay Hungry project
Under the Blade - Re-mastered CD from original Secret Records (UK) master tapes plus historic DVD Live at Reading 1982
Live at the Astoria - CD and DVD of the same concert at the legendary 2004 concert at the Astoria in London

Twisted Sister 3 CD Package ($45.00 per 3 disc package plus shipping and handling; $135 per 3 disc package signed by all members of Twisted Sister, plus shipping and handling):
CDs available:
You Can't Stop Rock & Roll
Come Out And Play
Love Is For Suckers


Signed Eddie Ojeda 'Axes 2 Axes' CD ($35 plus shipping and handling): In 2006, Eddie Ojeda released his first solo album Axes 2 Axes featuring tracks with rock legends such as Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snider, Joe Franco, Rudy Sarzo, Terry Ilous and Chris McCarvill. The CDs featured here for sale are signed by Eddie Ojeda and Dee Snider and also include an Eddie Ojeda logo signed guitar pick.

Set of 3 Twisted Sister Guitar Picks ($40.00 plus shipping and handling): A set of three TS picks - one each from Jay Jay, Eddie and Mark.

Alternate Payment Information

Please make payment via certified check or money order (no cash, please!). Checks and money orders must be made out to "JEDMA Associates."

Send photo and CD requests along with payment and shipping info to:

French Management Enterprises
2440 Broadway Suite 111
New York, NY, 10024
PH - 212-721-8111
FX - 212-721-8175
Email: frenchmgmt@gmail.com

* While we will make every effort to send specific CDs upon request, we reserve the right to make substitutions depending upon availability.

Sorry - Double disc packages, CD/DVD combo packs, double DVD combo packs, and the 'Live At The Marquee Club' CD are not available.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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