The Official Dee Snider Home Page
Dee Snider's personal site

The Official Jay Jay French Home Page
Jay Jay French's personal site

Eddie Ojeda Online
Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda's personal site.

Eddie Ojeda On MySpace
Go join Eddie on MySpace!

Mark 'The Animal' Mendoza Online
Twisted Sister bassist Mark Mendoza's new web site.

The Real Radio Show
Celebrity interviews, indie music from around the world - and Mark 'The Animal' Mendoza!

Joe Rock & The All Stars
Mendoza's musical home away from home.

AJ Pero Online
Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero's new web site.

AJ Pero On MySpace
AJ's site on MySpace.

Custom Guitar Picks!
Custom Guitar Picks Web Site (recommended by Eddie Ojeda)

Skateboard Marketing
These guys manage AJ, plus a lot of other cool stuff...

Bent Brother: The ultimate TS Tribute!

DeeMorrison's TS Collection and Picture Pages
DeeMorrison does it with volume. Over 30MB of live shots, collection pics and more.

Rami's Twisted Sister Site
The Mother of All TS Fan Sites. More TS info on this site than just about anywhere. Rami donated the excellent TS Discography Page on this site.

Leader of the Web - Unofficial TWISTED SISTER -page
A great site for all the SMFF of TS and all the light-fans aswell.Here can find lyrics, pics and soon audio-samples.Come on in n' feel the 80's spirit again, if you still wanna rock, that is...

The Twisted World Of Taunter
News and trivia, interviews, discography, and more TS stuff from the man called Taunter.

Twisted Sister Guitar Tabs
If you're a guitarist, you can get the complete TS guitar tabs at this site.

Wake Up The Sleeping Giant
The archive for TS-stories and interviews since the very beginning, combined with interactivity and the usual band-background stuff.

No Life 'Til Metal - The Twisted Sister Collection
A nice listing of TS CDs, vinyl and bootlegs.

BHP Music Videos
The video company that brought you the 'Twisted Christmas' videos, as well as Eddie's 'Elanor Rigby' video. Check 'em out.

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