This page is where we’re going to store the history of TS – articles from the band, their friends and their crew, interviews and everything else that tells the story of Twisted Sister. A really good place to get a capsule history (and if you have anything to add, you can edit the band’s history) is the Twisted Sister WikiPedia Page – a sure sign that TS is as permanent a slice of American culture as any other band.

The French Connection: In The Beginning… – Jay Jay French goes way back and relates the pre-history of Twisted Sister.

Mike’s Big Column: The View From The Crew – TS crew member Mike Altini tells some hilarious stories from back in the Club Daze.

Donna’s BS From TS: Notes from the Ultimate Fan – Donna from Connecticut (DCT for short) was one of the first of Twisted’s ‘Super Fans’ – she would travel far and wide to catch TS live, and became part of a group of fans known as the ‘Front Row Girls’ who went to as many gigs at as many clubs as they could travel to. Donna’s column traced the band’s recording of the ‘Still Hungry’ album, as well as other things that were going on in the early stages of the Twisted Sister reunion.


Donna from Connecticut Interviews Jay Jay French – Jay Jay lets our own DCT (and you!) in on a lot of inner-circle TS stuff – the story behind the TS Reunion, why there will never be a new TS studio album, and how ‘I’ll Never Grow Up Now’ ended up in the Starland Ballroom set last year.

Tone Quest Report Interview with Jay Jay French – This is a wide-ranging and entertaining interview with jay Jay French, in which he talks about everything from being a young guitar player in New York City in the Fillmore Days to his opinion of last year’s Cream reunion – and also talks quite a bit about his awesome guitar collection. (Download the Adobe Acrobat file, with lots of great pictures of Jay Jay’s guitars.)

A Twisted Interview…and Les Paul – The interview from Epiphone’s web site in which Jay Jay announces the commissioning of his ‘PinkBurst’ Signature Les Paul.

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Snide Remarks – An Interview with Dee Snider from Pulse Weekly, where he talks about how his kids handle his fame, among other things.

Aging Rebel Learns To Take It And Like It – Another 2003 interview with Dee, as the reunion started to take off.

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Sleaze Roxx Eddie Ojeda Interview
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MAM Growls: An Interview with Mark ‘The Animal’ Mendoza, by Donna from Connecticut – DCT lands another freewheeling interview – this time with Mark ‘The Animal’ Mendoza. Anyone who knows Mark or has seen him in interviews knows that he pulls no punches and always says exactly what’s on his mind. In this interview, he talks about growing up on Long Island, breaking into the music business with The Dictators, and the highs and lows of joining his favorite band – Twisted Sister.

Metal Rules Interview with Jay Jay and Mark


Four By Fate Recruits Twisted Sister/Adrenaline Mob Drummer A.J. Pero
AJ Pero Having An Influence On Adrenaline Mob
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