Twisted History: The Interviews
This page is where we're going to store the history of TS - articles from the band, their friends and their crew, interviews and everything else that tells the story of Twisted Sister. A really good place to get a capsule history (and if you have anything to add, you can edit the band's history) is the Twisted Sister WikiPedia Page - a sure sign that TS is as permanent a slice of American culture as any other band.

The French Connection
Article 1: In The Beginning
This is the first 'French Connection' article, which is actually a pre-history of the band, written by Jay Jay French.

Mike's Big Column
The TS Story, told from the inside
This is the TS story told by Crew Member Mike Altini. You won't get stories like these anywhere but here.
Part 1: Introductions
Part 2: Animal At Emit's
Part 3: Mike's Big Guitar Debut
Part 4: You're Yelling In My Ear...
Part 5: Security, Peacekeepers and Eddie Kramer
Part 6: Never Buy Lo Mein Fron A Bait Store
Part 7: Greetings from Asbury Park
Part 8: Ah! Hito! Hiata!! It is...Garbage-Ra!!
Part 10: Goodbye, Tony, Hello, Joey... Goodbye, Joey, Hello, Richie...
Part 11: The Gemini, Big Sal and Altini's Fan Club
Part 12: 'Where's My Corned Beef Sandwich??'

Donna's BS From TS

TS Updates from the Ultimate Fan
Donna From Connecticut is a TS fan with an inside track to the band. These columns tell the story of the Live at Wacken DVD and the Still Hungry CD.
Still Hungry CD-DVD Update - 5.20.04
The Making of 'The Beast,' Part One - 6.25.04
A Thank-You Letter To Twisted Sister, 8.18.04
When The House Starts Rockin'... 9.29.04
Another DVD Update - 3.30.05
Yet Another DVD Update - 4.26.05

Interviews: Jay Jay French
An Interview with Jay Jay French, by Donna from Connecticut
Jay Jay lets our own DCT (and you!) in on a lot of inner-circle TS stuff - the story behind the TS Reunion, why there will never be a new TS studio album, and how 'I'll Never Grow Up Now' ended up in the Starland Ballroom set last year.

Tone Quest Report Interview with Jay Jay French
This is a wide-ranging and entertaining interview with jay Jay French, in which he talks about everything from being a young guitar player in New York City in the Fillmore Days to his opinion of last year's Cream reunion - and also talks quite a bit about his awesome guitar collection. (Download the Adobe Acrobat file, with lots of great pictures of Jay Jay's guitars.)

A Twisted Interview...and Les Paul
The interview from Epiphone's web site in which Jay Jay announces the commissioning of his 'PinkBurst' Signature Les Paul.

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Interviews: Dee Snider
Snide Remarks
An Interview with Dee Snider from Pulse Weekly, where he talks about how his kids handle his fame, among other things.

Aging Rebel Learns To Take It And Like It
Another 2003 interview with Dee, as the reunion started to take off.

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Interviews: Eddie Ojeda
Eddie Ojeda Interview with Lords Of Metal
Eddie talks about the TS tour, the Hear'N'Aid sessions, and his solo CD Axes To Axes. From Around The Web:
Sleaze Roxx Eddie Ojeda Interview
Classic Rock Revisited Interview with Eddie Ojeda
Guitar International Interview with Eddie Ojeda
Rock Nightmare Interview with Eddie Ojeda
Premier Guitar Interview with Eddie Ojeda
Eddie Ojeda Talks Charvel
Interviews: Mark 'The Animal' Mendoza

MAM Growls, Part I: An Interview with Mark 'The Animal' Mendoza, by Donna from Connecticut
DCT lands another freewheeling interview - this time with Mark 'The Animal' Mendoza. Anyone who knows Mark or has seen him in interviews knows that he pulls no punches and always says exactly what's on his mind. In Part 1 of the interview, he talks about growing up on Long Island, breaking into the music business with The Dictators, and the highs and lows of joining his favorite band - Twisted Sister.

From Around The Web: Metal Rules Interview with Jay Jay and Mark
Interviews: A.J. Pero
From Around The Web:
Metal Rules Interview with A.J. Pero
Twisted Sister's A.J. Pero To Serve As Spokesman for 'Fallen Blue'
Rudy Sarzo, A.J Pero Team Up in New Band
Drummer Talk with A.J. Pero

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