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    Are we to assume the one off show after New York….is the Mexico gig?

    Here is my problem….I dont want to spend the best part of $1500 to get to the New York gig on Oct 1st….to have a final bow out party/gig/thrash announced later and not be able to afford to make it (time off is a factor as well as the finances). Anybody have any clues? Just don’t want to miss that ever Twisted Sister gig…. 🙁


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    OK Guys…here are my thoughts…for what little they are worth…(who the fuck am I etc. etc…)

    Its been a busy summer…and I’m now planning my New York trip…

    Deposits are in place, about to book flights…to my last ever Twisted Sister show…

    However…I will be straight up…and I will bet many people are thinking similar…this is NOT the way to bow out. To say goodbye as part of mini farmers market/state fair type festival…’aint the way to end the legacy that the mighty Twisted Sister has laid on the world.

    This should go one of three ways…

    1/ One mighty final show inn New York….where it all started.

    2/ Your OWN mini festival…I am sure there are many bands who will want to appear and pay tribute..

    3/ A mini four corners goodbye tour..NW (Portland.) SW (LA,) SE ( how about Jacksonville!!)…then finally…New York.

    These are just ideas….nothing more…But I really want to get it across to all the TS crew…that I…as a long time, multi concert, trans-continental fan…..I don’t want this to end like this. For fucks sake guys…go out with an almighty bang!!!…Not a whimper. The party to end all partys…empty the bar, break the stage, fuse all the lights…wreck the place…You are Twisted Fuckin’ Sister…dont end all this in a way you might regret.

    See you in New York…


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    Well….F**K me..here we go…the last show…and it on my birthday…

    Buying tix, booking the hotel, hiring the car, booking the flights.

    Evel will be there….

    And…for the record…the last song should be the one that REALLY kicked things off…complete with a farewell rap….”Its only Rock’n’Roll (But I like it…)

    I will bawl…..

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    Agreed….but oddly enough TS have shared loyalties. The Secret/Atlantic years really started in England (Wrexham/Tube TV show etc.) That’s why TS have such an affinity with the UK. So I am guessing the Bloodstock show in August will be the last ‘big’ UK show….but would not be surprised if TS play somewhere like the old Marquee or Hammersmith around the same time…a final hurrah to their UK roots. I want to be there if they do. I already know that because of Bloodstock, I will be flying back home. I want to catch any/all final shows in the UK.

    THEN…its the US…I agree that the final shows will probably be in New York, just not sure where. Not sure if they can go for MSG…it would be fabulous…I’m not sure which of their old sellout venues are still around. Whatever they choose…it had better be a huge party!!

    Evel Phx. Az

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    And I will buy several for you my friend… 🙂

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    So…this is the second time in a month I sit at my keyboard, with tears in my eyes over this band…..

    I will be in Vegas. I will be at as many shows as I can in 2016. And no-matter where the final show is to be….and I suspect it will be in New York…..I will be there for that.

    As I said in my last post….respect to TS and their decision. We back you 100%. We have a year left. Lets make the most of it. You Cant Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll…..and you cant stop Twisted Sister either!!


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    Damn….Its taken a few days for me to sit and face my keyboard. I’m struggling to compose myself..even now…

    I recognize what tssm4lyfe said…”…its like part of my youth died…”

    How so true.

    I discovered Twisted Sister way back in the early 80’s. I good friend of mine banged on my front door and said..”Play this…NOW!!’ It was Ruff Cutts. And since that moment…TS has been a constant…and I mean…CONSTANT…backbeat in my life. Their music has always been there. As singles. As LP’s. As CD’s. As video…always something….somewhere. Of course there were other bands, other songs…but all intertwined with TS. And before I sound like some pathetic, half baked sop of a fan….let me tell you why.

    The early 80’s were a horrible time for my family and I. We lost our business. Our home. Our livelihood. My parents were fighting…literally. To make matters worse, my kid brother had a huge motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital for five months. In short…at 17 years old…my family was torn apart. My life….was torn apart. And I’m telling you straight….the only thing…ONLY thing…that saved me….was music. Rock music.Heavy metal music, glam rock…call it what you like…but it saved me…kept me going. Now I said there were plenty of bands…plenty of songs…so why were TS so different?? Easy…..attitude. They were…are…all about fighting back, keeping going, not taking shit. 1984 came around and Stay Hungry came out…for crying out loud….that record was written for me. I absorbed it…I breathed it. I lived it. All those songs became the anthem for my life. The backbeat. The constant foot tapping of the songs rolling around in the back of my head. 30 odd years later…its still the same. Same songs, same attitude. I am….by most accounts…considered a success. Educated. Well traveled. Skilled. Achieved many, many things. I even managed to emigrate to the USA a decade ago. And there is so much more left to do, to see, to try…

    I am telling you straight. All of you….I honestly say….that none of this would have happened…if I had not had that backbeat in my head. The attitude, the aggression, the fight….that was instilled in me by all those songs. They were…they are…my war music. They kept me going when I was pushing, fighting back. Kept me on track when I was scared, when making tough decisions, taking chances. I’m now 50 years old. I dont bullshit. And I regret nothing. Why? Because I’m still doing it. Still playing the same music. Same songs. I still go to concerts and I hang with music heads, with petrol heads…there is quite a crossover. And they are the greatest people on the planet. And you probably wouldn’t believe me when I say they are doctors and nurses…save lives by day….rock and ride by night…

    Now…a major cause of that backbeat has gone. To say I am upset, is an understatement. I had the fortune to meet AJ and the rest of the band at the Christmas show in Vegas in 2009. I said several times to each of them…’thanks for the influence’ I doubt they had any idea what I meant.

    Well…guys….if you read this..now you know what I meant. I can only thank you for what your music and your attitude (encouragement) has done for me. My parents thank you for it too. Never doubt just how influential you have been on this particular SMF.

    As a band, you have some decisions to make. Know that whatever you decide to do for the future. We support you. 100%

    Been thinking about all this over and over. I think the hardest thing to accept…is this. I had had the distinct pleasure in seeing Twisted Sister play 14-15 times. Never again will I hear Dee bellow out “….and on the drums…MR..A..J…PERO!!!”

    Gutted. Truly gutted…

    Thank you AJ. We will miss you.

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