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    Yes, yes I know how the market in the US has dried up and how the band’s real market is in Europe and South America nowadays. Believe me, I’ve heard Jay talk about this eloquently, logically and at length.

    BUT…that being said…

    Would it be the worst idea in the world for one of the final 2016 shows to go old-school? I’m talking about taking over what back in the day was The Fountain Casino in Aberdeen NJ one last time. Yes, I know it’s a catering hall now, and they’re probably cleaned the bathrooms once or twice since the ’80s. But think of it: We could have a Farewell SMF Party in the place where the band used to have its end-of-summer parties. Some of the best times of my life were spent in that dark, black hall. They could put up black drapes all around to recreate the vibe, bring back the neon pink fence on the stage, and close the show with “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll” like they did back in the day. I know a bunch of tri-state SMFs would flock there for one last show. And though no one owes anyone anything, wouldn’t it be great to have at least one last go-round in one of the old clubs? We never got to see them at Madison Square Garden. But places like this WERE our own Madison Square Gardens, and the band we saw was just as intense and into it as they would have been in front of 20,000 seats.

    From Apple watches to New Coke to Donald Trump, there have been lots worse ideas than this that have come to pass…

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