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    The topics have died down since the new message board started.


    Yes. I wondered the same thing. There were shows in Denmark, Norway and Slowakia and not one word about it. Who’s going to the Bulgaria show? I’m going. Can’t wait.

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    That said, something is seriously wrong with the board. First of all, what about that damn recaptcha thing, secondly, you post something and then it doesn’t show up or takes ages to show. Or what happened on saturday, you post something, it shows, then you edit your post and it’s gone despite several refreshs. I didn’t bother to type my shit again, as I was on my tab and now I see that my post is there again. What is this?

    UnKnown Rocker

    Hey Rock 10….Yes, you are correct, the posts have really stopped. The reality is that everybody is communicating through Facebook theses days. It’s kind of sad, since this was the only place for many years to discuss all things Twisted.


    That’s my theory too– Facebook killed the Slamboard. It’s not that I don’t like Facebook–I use it a lot–but this slam board was sort of our own little place where the fans could chat with each other. We can’t really do that on Facebook unless we form our own group. If you have any issues with the website, please let Don the Webmaster know so he can address them with the provider.

    Well…Twisted Sister is winding down….and I guess so are we. this slam board will be our archive of what we had.


    I’m not so sure ‘communicating’ is the correct word. 😉 Facebook is good for seeing what is going on (TS-wise) but other than a couple of “likes” or comments, there isn’t nearly the amount of discussion goes on. It’s a very superficial, impersonal medium – unless you’re talking/sharing with close friends.

    It is the same however for other discussion boards/forums I am part of – the topics do slow down when a Facebook group etc is set up. Unfortunately the quality of information shared is often reduced however. Facebook is can be a very lazy way to communicate.

    As for the reCAPTCHA box – if it stops idiots selling handbags or shoes on here I can cope 😉

    Captain Howdy

    The reCAPTCHA thing is a nu-sense but I can cope with it if it keeps the spam out. What I’ve really found frustrating is that every time I go to post something, it won’t post. It doesn’t show up in the thread and then I look the next day and it is usually there so there is clearly a long delay between the time you type/send a post and then having that post show up. With that said, I sent a post to this thread over a week ago and it still has never shown up in the thread. I’ve sent multiple posts that have never shown up. I initially thought I was doing something wrong so I would attempt to re-send only to then find duplicate posts the next day. Something is definitely not right with the way the new site is processing posts.

    Macedonian SMF

    Yeah we are all to blame for not posting that much anymore…
    We got to take back the glory days of this Slamboard… i remember tens and sometimes lots of pages of comments…. hundreds of views….

    Let’s post more guys 🙂
    I miss it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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