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    Hey all you fellow SMF’s – It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this board. Nowadays I’m a lurker and just read posts and check for live shows to see.

    I had the privilege of seeing the documentary for the first time last night in Pelham, NY (Westchester County). And I must admit – 98% of that movie I had no idea about. What an eye opener it was seeing the lives of this band for 10 years trying to make it big in the music industry. Granted, my first time ever seeing them live was back in May 1980 at Club Detroit in Portchester, NY and it was my last time until they made it big time. And then in my later years in 2004 to present, I was very fortunate to have gotten to see them live many times around the USA as well as one memorable trip to Bristol England back in 2007 and “relive my youth”. It has been nothing but happiness, excitement, adrenaline rushing, etc each show I get to witness.

    But while living out seeing and hearing my favorite band, I never knew the heartache, headaches, blood sweat and tears these guys went through just to get a record deal. This documentary really opened my eyes to how difficult it was/is to make it in the music business. These guys just never gave up and never quit – I was amazed at their perseverance, dedication and drive to become successful music artists. It would’ve been a whole lot easier financially, mentally and emotionally to just cut losses and move on. But man, these guys just didn’t have the words “I give up” in their vocabulary.

    Having seen this movie, it really gave me a new profound respect and wholesomeness of this band’s early history which was never really told in mainstream media – until now!!!!! It also gave me a whole new meaning of “It’s a Long Way To The Top”

    Thank you Andrew Horn for sacrificing time and money to make this documentary. Thank you to the band especially Jay Jay for being the glue that kept this band together and fighting to make it. I will purchase the DVD set when it comes out here in the USA. I was always a believer in the band….but now I’m even more of a believer having gotten to see the bands trials and tribulations of their first 10 years.

    A final thought – if anyone of you haven’t seen this documentary, I strongly encourage you to go see it. There is just nothing like it, especially if you’re an SMF. You are really missing out on the true history and meaning and purpose of this band as well as many of their songs.

    I for one hate to see them hang it up after this summer, but after seeing what they went through, maybe indeed it is time to fade off into the sunset and enjoy their remaining lives with loved ones and friends. Lastly, I’m thinking of heading to one of the European shows this summer – just don’t know which one yet. But I definitely need my Twisted Sister fix a few last times before they are finished.

    Once an SMF – Always an SMF!


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