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    About 24 hours after deciding that I would be going to Sweden for my 24th show (after going back and forth thinking that I was an responsible, serious, professional adult, who can’t just take off another 2 days off work on short notice, after just returning from a couple days off… but then I just said “Fuck it 😉 I will go to Sweden, now is not the time to be sensible, lazy and holding back… one more year and then there is no more Twisted Sister”), the following 72 hours from thursday on looked like this:

    10:00 leaving home
    11:20 arriving at Airport Zürich
    13:50 boarding plane (delayed)
    16:30 getting rental car at Stockholm Arlanda
    20:00 arriving in Töraboda, checking out the city
    21:00 taking my spot at front row center
    23:45 starting to get destroyed by Twisted Sister
    02:20 leaving Töraboda, listening to TS Örebro bootleg, whilst driving past it, wondering why I didn’t go then
    05:00 arriving at car rental place at Stockholm Arlanda
    09:00 returnig the car after slightly less than 4 hours of sleep in said car
    10:30 checking in at Hotel in Stockholm
    12:00 arriving at Gröna Lund
    20:00 seeing history repeat itself with another Alice Cooper gig 40 years after his first performance there
    22:15 attending Alice Cooper’s band’s after show party at Hard rock Cafe
    03:30 going to bed
    09:00 leaving hotel, going for a walk through Stockholm Norrmalm and Gamla Stan
    14:00 going to the airport
    16:25 boarding plane (delayed again)
    19:00 reclaiming my car and driving home
    20:45 attending a friend’s birthdayparty
    07:30 coming home and going to bed

    And it was totally worth it. I loved it and had a great time. Met some great people… long time SMFs with many concerts under their belt (it’s strange going to Sweden as an Austrian and someone tells you they saw you at a concert in Norway), SMFs with first time TS concert experience and newbies…. and all loved it. It’s amazing what happens in swedish small town family festivals. During “I wanna rock” something cool happened and I had my 4 seconds of fame, as I got a shout out from Dee (and two picks from Jay Jay and Eddie). I also was a bit embarrassed, but it was mainly cool. So thanks for that. 🙂 Shame to think though that for me there is only 1 TS show left this year (well, and a little bonus with Dee’s appearance at Rock meets Classic at Germany’s Rock of ages Festival). The third travel meeting with Dee wasn’t supposed to be, but it probably was awfully close, as I found out upon my return, that Dee also spent the saturday in Stockholm and somebody posted that he saw him in Gamla Stan, where I spent most of the time. It would be interesting to know whether our paths crossed without us noticing… well, maybe he did see me and just turned on his heels and walked in a different direction… can’t blame him. 😉 Looking forward to the Barcelona show.

    You can’t stop rock n roll/Dee talk/I believe in Rock n Roll
    We’re not gonna take it
    We’re not gonna take it – cont.

    Videos should be viewable soon.

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    I THOUGHT I saw you in the front row Patrick! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi. We literally had 30 minutes to pack up and get outta there…we went directly to the airport!

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