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    So Bucharest is cancelled now??? Why do you announce shows that won’t happen?? Why is there no notification on this site. I got a ticket and a flight.


    I’m not sure either Patrick. Sadly, these things do occur on occasion.
    It is not always the band’s decision–there are lots of reasons why shows get cancelled and/or bands get removed off a show. I have even seen bands show up for a festival, only to be told–you’ve been cancelled, you can’t play.
    Sometimes it’s the festival issues…once it was a local govt issue…sometimes visa issues…sometimes other business or legal matters.

    This happened to me a few times as well– I think it was two years ago, I ended up with a ticket to Amsterdam for a show that didn’t happen. SMF Cyndi had one for Spain once and they cancelled TS from the bill. Two years ago I had a ticket/flight to Mexico City and the festival fell apart the day of my flight–I was literally on my way to the airport when I found out. In that case, I spoke to a supervisor at the airline, explained to them what happened, and they gave me a credit. Not a refund, but at least I could apply a portion of the ticket it to another flight. I hope you can sell your festival ticket and maybe get a partial credit from the airline.


    So it is definitely cancelled? Not uncertain, but cancelled?? At least an anouncement on this site would have been nice, instead of just secretly removing the date. I guess, like Janet, I should have known better. Muse on the first day, Iron Maiden on the second day and a tacked on Twisted Sister, months after the other 2 have been announced, a month before it was going to happen, in a big open air space in the middle of the city, with ticketholders for the first two shows being able to go for free. Damn these f-ing festival organizers, who really don’t give a shit about anyone… „If it doesn’t sell, we just cancel and do not even tell the people that it’s cancelled.“. I have not gotten any notification from the place where I bought the ticket. They just have removed the date. Since I bought a Twisted Sister ticket, they should notify and refund me. As for the flight, it is a low cost… they don’t give a shit either, it’s not really their problem anyway. I could have gotten a refundable flight, which would have cost twice as much.


    You are not the only one Patrick. I got two flight tickets for Romania and I will not get a refund… But as Armadillo wrote many times shows get canceled and it’s not always the band’s decision. At least try to get a refund for your festival ticket from the place you bought it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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