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    So my annual Twisted Sister journeys have begun. Show 23. Country 12. This time Bulgaria. And that was really perfect all
    around, enjoying the sea during the day with some swimming, jet skiing and para sailing (and lots of eating at my all
    inclusive hotel) and going to concerts in the late afternoon/evening. The festival was pretty cool. Great bands with a
    great easy going crowd. Both nights I found myself in the first row for the headliner. As always TS kicked ass and Mike
    Portnoy blended in nicely. He did a great job, even though AJ is greatly missed. It’s strange to think that the last time I
    was at a TS gig I got to hang out with him and the crew for a bit and him talking about his touring plans for this year and
    getting to see him do the soundcheck and now he’s gone. Sometimes it’s just over more quickly than you could ever imagine.
    And so was the show.

    On my way back home, like on my flight to see them last year at the Faroe islands, I had the fortune
    to share another flight with Dee. So we got to have a little chat while riding to and looking for our connecting gates. Dee
    reiterated again, that this year and next year will be the last shows… even no more solo shows after that. And after
    initially not quite realising that the Sweden show was this week, today I made a rather rash decision and decided that,
    additionally to my planned trips to Barcelona and Dee’s Rock meets Classic appearance, I will fly to Sweden tomorrow, to
    also see the Töraboda show (of course it also helps that the next day Alice Cooper will play in Stockholm, so it’s two for
    one). I just hope I’m lucky to get to the front again.

    Here are a couple of my videos:

    A little patience… they are still uploading.

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    DAMMIT Patrick. How did I miss you in Bulgaria? I was walking around for a bit in the vendor area. Glad you enjoyed it– it was definitely one of the better shows of the run.

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