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    Jim Hudson

    I Just wanted to take a minute and thank the members of TS for all that fun and magical memories for all those years from way back in the late seventies to the present
    To Dee – What a amazing Front man, I remember the first time I saw you, My first thought was what the hel is this? Of course I was instantly addicted.
    To Jay Jay, That was so amazing, I remember years ago Those magical nights of those amazing guitar solos. In some of the coolest venues. Talking some , sharing a beer years ago. I always felt realy connected to you in a weird sort of way.
    To Eddie, Who also became really amazing, I loved your free style of also whaling these cool riffs etc. Its hard to explain how good that all was.
    To Mark, What can I say I what a amazing bass player , From years ago I never saw anyone else do such a great job in making such great rhythm and just adding so much to the whole spirit of the music. And while that really doesn’t do you justice cause you were so much more than that I hope you kind of get the idea.
    AJ Pero RIP The true sound of thunder. I was totally amazed , I never saw anyone who could do such amazing drum solos. Just playing for this band was a tough job and he do it so well.
    To The new drummer, Unfortunately I never got to see you but If you played with this band I know you must have been really amazing as well.
    To Charlie Barecca, The sixth sister, Years and years ago I learned stuff from you that I used threw my whole live . and learned how to build really amazing systems.
    To all the rest Involved While I could be here all day writing, you were a great asset to the effort and every one I got to meet were really cool people.
    And of course Don Thank you my friend 1

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