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    Dan Bach

    I know this is very, very, very late.
    (I broke my femur bone in January – was in hospital for 13 weeks)

    A J Pero, what a great talented drummer. Seen him over 30 years and his powerhouse drumming always shone through. Also every time I met him – there was a cynical,comical comment he would say “you again”, “damn you you are stalking me” etc. But it was always with a grin and a glint in his eye.

    AJ thanks for being a great all round guy and we miss you the SMF’s worldwide.

    With deepest sympathies to AJ’s family and the TS band, crew, management.
    Dan bach



    Very well put. i hope you are feeling better


    No worries Dan. I’m really late on this too! I had a tough time with his passing as well. I met him in St. Paul, MN for the first time at the start (first show) of the Twisted Christmas tour back in ’06 in St. Paul, MN. He definitely had a big heart and seemed to already know me even though I had never met him before! He was the real deal. I mean all of the members of Twisted Sister are especially given the fact it was like after 2 AM in the morning after their first show supporting for the first time in decades an unofficial new album and it was like 14 degrees Farhenheit outside (maybe colder!) The Myth and this dude who pretended like he didn’t know whether they would sign albums or autographs, all of the sudden literally opens his rent a truck full of Twisted albums to sign. I couldn’t believe it. It was somewhat surreal! But my most sincere condolences for AJ Pero and his immediate and regular family on his passing. This was a unbelievable loss to the music industry and I agree with MAM he was underrated as a drummer. He killed every kit he played every show!

    SMF serg33

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