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    Starting to function again…I have posted a special Road Report tribute to A.J. And more to come.


    Nicely put Terry.


    Nice job Terry…Well deserved.
    You can add a personal touch that the other news media can’t
    Thank you for writing, I know it wasn’t easy


    Thanks for this Terry. It’s hard sitting here with nobody (that understands it) to talk about it. Reading this helps alot in finding a way to give this a place.

    Kennet (FIN)

    Thanks for the A.J. tribute Terry!

    Rest in peace, Anthony Jude Pero.

    J P

    Thanks Terry! I’m still having hard time to understand and accept this. I mean the music and memories lives on but as I too am one of those SMF’s who wrote him in the 80’s and got a hand written letter and a signed photo in return, it is hard to give away such an important part of your youth, if you know what I mean. When I eventually got to know him and work for him as his technician in a couple of shows, he proved to be the man I always thought he would be. I really looked up to him, not only as a drummer, but as a man. I will miss him dearly and I’m sending my deepest condolonces to AJ Jr. and all the family.



    Everyone is absolutely devastated.
    Last night, the band and crew assembled to toast A.J. and have a band/crew meal in his honor. It was hours of pure laughter, recalling stories and antics–it was the kind of thing A.J. would have absolutely wanted. The amount of support has been truly overwhelming. (mostly in a good way, sometimes…a bit much. Like, say….3 a.m. but the thoughts are in the right place.)

    The band meets tomorrow for a closed band meeting to discuss the future.

    I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as information is cleared for release.
    Since many have asked, services are private–for family and close friends. I totally understand how hard it is when so many want to pay their proper respects, the but sheer volume of people and the international press this has drawn has overwhelmed the family and so they have asked for some privacy while they grieve. One of the topics the band will likely discuss is if there can be something more public so that fans can have a place to come together.


    Great tribute. It set me off weeping again but non the less a lovely tribute to a great man.

    I remember meeting AJ at the Manchester Academy prior to the gig their in 2006. He was a really nice decent & humble guy who seemed genuinely appreciative of the fans and the fact he got a second bite of the success cherry.

    My thoughts and condolences go to AJ’s immediate family, the guys in Twisted Sister and the extended SMF community.

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