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A Thank You Letter to Twisted Sister

Brian wrote on the Slamboard:

“It makes all the bullshit in life worth it when you can go to a show and be a part of something so great.”

It’s so true. I’m tired, I’m traveling for work, I haven’t had more than 4 hours of sleep since Friday, been to 5 states in 4 days, but I have to write, so I’ll probably ramble and be disjointed. You don’t have to read it, but I have to write it.

What a weekend, and all thanks once again to the greatest live rock band of all time. I’m not sure that the guys know what they do for people goes way beyond the music. They change our lives forever.

Went to both shows. Friday night started out with seeing two former front row girls and dear friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years. We talked, exchanged info, hugged and kissed and truly were happy to reconnect. We now have plans to continue our friendships where we left off. I met GJG. What a great and intelligent guy. And still an SMF. Nice meeting you, Glenn. Thank you, TS.

Then there was the show.

Highlights for me – AJ’s drum solo. Holy shit, if I may say so myself. I can hear Dee saying from the Club Daze II CD “And the man in the back who gets so little recognition”…I know he’s introducing Tony Petrie there, but it so holds true for AJ as well. AJ did this thing with the toms and the cymbals that I have never seen or heard before, and I’ve seen a hell of a lot of Neil Peart drum solos! It was like he was going so fast he was hitting them at the same time creating this barrage of clashing and pounding for like 30 seconds. C’mon!!!! How the hell did he do that?? It was astounding and breath-taking. I bow down in awe and humility to that man.

And MAM…the riffs were just rolling off his fingers between incessant, merciless pounding of an innocent instrument. I would love to see the face of the person who assembled that bass after they see Mark kicking its sorry ass. They would be in tears. Did you ever watch him right after the lead break in “Shoot ‘em down”? He just slams the body, then the neck, then the body, then the neck, all while keeping time and playing chords. It is a sight to behold. Watch next time, you’ll see what I mean. The poor people around me don’t have a choice but to watch him ‘cause now I know it’s coming and I make them watch. I hit them on the shoulder and go “watch this”. They are shocked at first, but grateful after! The man is the 9th Wonder of the World. (Or whatever number we’re on now).

Dee talking about how this thing is all going to die down soon, less shows or no shows or whatever…not what I like to hear, selfish as that may be. Yet even though I’m hearing something I don’t want to hear, he still says it in a way that is funny as hell. Talking about how those outfits wouldn’t look so hot with Depends underneath them. Then telling his daughter to be prepared, she might have to change them. Then assuring her that before it would ever come to that he’d shoot himself, so not to worry. I’m sorry, but that was one of the funniest raps I ever heard.

Eddie – cool as a cucumber in the August heat. Playing that guitar like he was born with it. Never says a word, just lets his fingers do the talking. And what stories they tell.

And then there’s Jay Jay. ‘Nuff said.

And that was only Poughkeepsie.

I Map Quested my way from Poughkeepsie to Jim Thorpe, Pa. Mistake in itself, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The directions took me the scenic route through the mountains of upstate NY and PA. It was so beautiful that at one point I just pulled over and sat on my hood taking in some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. Who knew? God Bless America. The ride kind of set up how awesome the rest of the day would turn out to be.

I got to the first hotel I booked. Hated it!!! Plus the front desk guy was an asshole and it turned out to be too far from Penn’s Peak anyway, so I split and got a room right in Jim (F’n!) Thorpe. That is the sweetest little town this side of Maine. Very historic, great shopping, awesome old architecture and ghost stories being told in the taverns! Stayed at a place that was 174 years old and was absolutely fabulous. Thanks to Paul the owner and bartender for sharing the history and stories, and for the best Margaritas this side of Mexico! And if he reads this (I told him to visit the board)…I’ll be back. I think I had a visitation from the resident poltergeist that night. Or maybe it was just the Tequila and Jagermeister playing tricks with my head. Or exhaustion. Enough of that.

Head to the show. Once again, God’s country. Gorgeous setting overlooking lush mountains and rich valleys. The atmosphere there was awesome.

Go in to the bar to continue my pursuit of the ultimate Margarita. On the way out, I run into MP1975, BMAC, SMF CYNDI, METAL NY, and JOE ROCK. I knew this night was going to be something special at that point. Here we are, brothers and sisters in arms, waiting to pay homage to a band that has done so much for so many. I take such pride in being associated with and a part of this thing, this family. Our own little SMF Cosa Nostra. Thanks to those folks, I was able to stand in the second row at the show and not get pounded on. MP was my protector and I really appreciated that! You guys are the best!

Highlights of that show – the audience. People were so in tune with everything. Singing, jumping, fists raised, loving every minute of it. The people in the balcony were out of their seats the whole time. We all just let it go; nobody cared what anyone thought of them. If you weren’t doing it, then you weren’t cool. The vibe was such that you almost thought, well the planets must be in alignment or something for everyone and everything to come together like this. I was getting goose bumps.

At one point Jay Jay was talking about something and Dee was crouched over by MAM’s stack. I wish I had a picture of him, because I’m not sure I can accurately describe it. It was right after a song. His hair was in his face, he was peering out between it, and he had a sort of sneer thing going on. Crouching like he was, ready to pounce on anybody in his way, he looked like this evil lion-like apparition. It blew my mind, and he wasn’t even moving! I was saying to myself, how much this man must be into what he’s doing that he actually is almost transforming right before my eyes?? It is amazing what he gives on stage and I am so grateful to him for that.

MAM once again just turning the bass into pulp. Bending the E string, riffing, breaking his G string at one point. I mean let’s face it, that’s sort of like breaking the metal cable tie rod you see in guardrails on the roadway with your bare hands. He played this riff during "The Price” that sent shivers down my spine.

AJ incredible as always, Eddie was white hot.

And then there’s Jay Jay. ‘Nuff said.

I was spent after that show. I don’t mean to get all Sci-Fi on you, but I wish there was a way to actually capture moments like these in some kind of orb like thing so that when you pull it out of its container you could actually FEEL the same way you did when you saw it the first time. Listening to a CD, watching a DVD is one thing, but it will never compare to the feeling you get when you’re there experiencing the show. I was filled with gratitude and appreciation for what TS had done for me and all of the other people who were there that night.

Afterwards, TS held an impromptu meet and greet. Once again, the boyz giving their all, exhausted after a powerhouse show, but not too tired to take the time to show the fans how much they appreciate their support. They could have just left, they could have said “enough’s enough”, we gave what we had to give, go home. Not TS, no way. They are real people who appreciate the people who appreciate them and make sure we know it, not only on stage but off as well.

You may say, “Jesus Donna, you’re talking about a rock band here. Calm the frig down”. That’s fine, but just go read the posts for yourself. It’s not just me talking here, a biased opinion, as it were. People are saying stuff like, “the best show I have seen” in how many ever years it is for them. Or they’re saying that they are so glad to have witnessed this phenomenon, that it somehow changed their perspective on life, even if just for a day. There’s an afterglow associated with a TS show, something that kind of stays with you and makes the next week of bullshit a little easier to take. People are taking their sons and their daughters, nephews, nieces. I stood and talked to an 18 year old kid from CA. whose brother in law took him while he was visiting Pougkeepsie. You should have seen the look on his face during WYDK. Priceless. I mean, people are taking the most important people in their lives to these shows. That’s got to count for something. Hell, if my Dad was still alive I’d take him!

Bottom line; get to a show as soon as you can. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You will not remain unchanged and you will never forget what you’ve seen. You can’t put a price on the experience that is Twisted Sister. If any promoters are reading this, don’t be foolish, this isn’t some sleazy ass 80’s, no talent, take the money and run band. You and the public will get your moneys worth and more. Book these guys as soon as you get the chance, before it’s too late.

Lastly, thanks to TS from all of us for going out there and making memories that we will cherish forever. I know I will never feel about anything else as I feel about this band. I called my Mom on the way home from PA. (I still have to check in everyday!!!). I told her that after that show, if I died tomorrow I’d die happy. I mean it.


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