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Still Hungry CD/DVD update Ė 5.20.2004

Fellow SMFs,

Some news regarding the CD/DVD:

When TS played the Wacken and Bang Your Head festivals last year they had an agreement with the promoters of the festivals whereas the band would allow them to use footage from their performances in future festival promotions, etc. In exchange, TS would have complete access and control over the footage of their shows.

Since the re-release of Stay Hungry was the bandís first priority, they have been concentrating on completing the rerecord and have recently begun the editing process for the DVD. In doing so it was discovered that the audio tracks for both shows are substandard. Being our boyz is our boyz, they would never produce and/or distribute anything of substandard quality!

Because of this, TS is currently making every effort to improve the audio sound on the DVD. However, the priority is still on the re-release of Stay Hungry and the bonus tracks included on the CD. Bonus tracks??? Did I say bonus tracks???!!! I did say bonus tracks, didnít IÖ Letís just put it this way, these are bonus tracks after the heart of every old school SMF!!

While the release of the DVD is important to everyone, the band doesnít want to jeopardize the release of the CD. One option may be to release Still Hungry and the DVD separately. That remains to be seen. Being a person to whom instant gratification means everything, I say get on with the release of the CD!! We need stuff!!! Any stuff!!! I mean really, who knew 3 or 4 years ago that weíd be sitting here anticipating the release of the CD??? Donít you just feeling like lining up in front of your local music store, like, now????

As promised, I will keep you up to date on the latest developments concerning the CD/DVD and other stuff as it happens!


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