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Greetings SMFs!

Welcome to the first installment of Donna’s BS on TS. It’s me, Donna from CT! For those of you who don’t know me from the board or otherwise, a brief history. I saw my first Twisted Sister show at Detroit (no “S”) in Port Chester, NY in April of 1978 (you do the math). I was 18 at the time (DO NOT do that math!), and was forced by my dear friends Dina and June to go out that night. I had a broken leg and wasn’t all that thrilled at the prospect of being banged around at a rock nightclub. They talked me into it, and for that I will be forever grateful.

From the moment I walked in that door and saw the boyz up on the stage I knew that this was a life-altering event! And alter it did! Finding myself drawn like a magnet to every show my orange Volvo would get me to; I began to schedule work and school around TS shows. Needless to say, that wasn’t making my Mom and Dad very happy. I was issued an ultimatum: “Live under my roof and stop coming home at 6:00 in the morning, or continue on your merry way following this bunch of metal head long hairs around and move out.

I chose the latter. And the rest, as they say, is history. Lots of history.

On to the article:

At the suggestion of Jay Jay French, the object of this section of the site is to bring you the latest and greatest news on the Twisted Sister front from the band in real time. The band is committed to bringing you up to date information as it happens, so you’ll hear it here FIRST, as well it should be considering this is the official Twisted Sister web site!

We will be bring you FAQ’s and LKFs (little known facts) as a reference for newbies and to try to stem the ever growing tide of the repeated questions posed over and over again ad nauseum on the Slamboard. And to preserve Jay Jay’s sanity.

Please let us know what you think. As always, all suggestions are welcome.

CD/DVD Update:

Twisted Sister is three quarters of the way through with the re-record of the Stay Hungry album and the accompanying DVD of the Boyz’ phenomenal performances in Europe from the summer of 2003. Entitled “Still Hungry”, this package promises to be nothing short of epic in proportion! New DVD Plus technology allows for having the CD on one side and DVD on the other. Gotta love technology! Most of the song tracks are complete, with the exception of Eddie’s guitar leads and Dee’s vocals.

The DVD side is still in the editing process. It will also contain documentary type footage and interviews from 2000 to the present that tell of the band’s decision to reunite, the September 11th benefit concert, the band’s triumphant return to Europe and many more juicy tidbits we have been dying to know!

The DVD Plus will be released in the US on the Spitfire label and some parts of Europe on the Demolition Records label later this summer. This is going to be the recording/DVD of 2004, my friends. Imagine all of those awesome tunes now recorded, mixed and engineered with all the raw intensity that only Twisted Sister can deliver. And with Mark the Animal Mendoza at the helm (he’s the producer) and engineer extraordinaire Denny at his side, this compilation will be nothing short of earth shattering! I know for a fact that Mark has been working 24/7 to perfect this little gem. Many thanks to Mark for dedicating so much time and energy to this project! As the saying goes, “we’re not worthy”!

The Boyz in the Band:

Dee Snider:

The hardest working front man in the biz is extremely busy with a multitude of projects including but not limited to: writing a new screenplay for Strangeland II, the House of Hair Radio show, Dee Snider’s Bikers for Babies March of Dimes charity motorcycle runs, recording, and being a Dad. Dee’s also in negotiations to star in a reality based TV show called The Sniders – Meet the Family! How much would we love that?!?! Dee speaks (literally) much more about this and other subjects on his web site so please visit him at The updated web site is awesome, so check it out!

Jay Jay French:

The ever-frenetic Mr. French has also been working in the studio as well as running his own entertainment company. He is working diligently toward the release of the debut album of Indian pop artist Tina Sugandh. The CD will be released on Hollywood Records. You can learn more about Tina on her web site, Fill you in with more details as the release date gets closer. And we’ll all be buying that CD when it’s released, right folks??? Good, I thought you’d agree! Please join me in wishing much success to Jay Jay and Tina!

Eddie (Fingers) Ojeda:

Eddie is currently very busy in the studio (hurry Eddie, we need can’t wait another minute for that CD!!!), reworking his web site, and other music projects that should prove to be very exciting. Eddie has formed a side band with friends Rudy Sarzo on bass, Vinny Appice on drums, Terry Ilous on vocals and of course none other than Eddie himself on guitar. Plans are in discussion for some future dates in 2004. More to follow…stay tuned!

Mark (The Animal) Mendoza:

Ah, the indefatigable (use your online dictionary, it’s easy) Mr. Mendoza!!! He should have a new Superhero named after him. Something like “Dusk ‘til Dawn Man”, or “24/7 Man”. With the CD/DVD project in the works, he has been spending countless hours in the both the recording studio and the video-editing studio working diligently to release this masterpiece. Once again, thanks Mark for all of your hard work. We know it’s going to be like nothing we have seen or heard before.

AJ Pero:

AJ also continues diving into studio work as well as working on other music projects. With his recent signing to Tama Drums, drum clinics are in discussion for the near future. More updates to follow.

Daniel Stanton:

When did Danny join the band, you may ask? He didn’t. But as we all know, because of Danny’s effort, dedication, and tireless promotion we are able to once again be a part of and witness the phenomenon know as Twisted Sister. As of this writing, Danny is in Europe helping out at a show for the BBC and will return shortly.

When he returns he’ll be gearing up for more Twisted travel as well as booking more TS shows down the road (fingers crossed people!!). We eagerly anticipate more road trip posts and other priceless information he shares with we SMFs! Thanks, Danny! For more information on what Danny does for Twisted Sister and some other bands (and for some great photos, too) check out

So that’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed the article and check back soon! I promise that the section will be updated frequently with up to date news and happenings from the TS camp.

Until then, take good care and blast it fast and loud!


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