Christmas is coming!

Yes, yes it’s true, it’s true! Not one, but TWO Twisted Christmas shows in 2011.

Some of you have labeled me the “boy who cried wolf” but we can never assume that the tour will go on…. and every show you miss, is one less opportunity to see the boys throw it down live.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…
…you don’t live near New York….you don’t LIKE Christmas music….you don’t want to see the openers…

whatever the reasons you may have, I assure you that they pale in comparison to the experience that is a Twisted Christmas Show. I’ve seen many Twisted Christmas Shosw- and I personally HATE Christmas Carols. In fact, I think I’ve only missed one or two Twisted Christmas shows total back in 2006 since I had just moved back East and had started a new job then, but it was so much fun, that I decided to make it a personal goal to get to every single Twisted Christmas since, and I’ve done just that. No regrets–they get better and better.

Twisted Christmas has made me LOVE them now. The shows are a true spectacle. The band and the fans are festive, happy and relaxed. These shows are filled with fun, frivolity and there’s just an atmosphere of “’s a Christmas show!” SMFs and band members bring their families and kids, and it’s just a great time for everyone.

And best of all…. the show kicks some serious heavy metal ass. I assure you these shows rock just as hard as the Twisted Sister shows you know and love. There won’t be many more of these, so please take advantage while you can.

I promise you won’t regret it! See you in December, my babies…


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