ASG Twisted Sister Guitar

You can’t stop Rock ‘n’ Roll. Twisted Sister knew it all along. Their hard-rocking attitude and absurdist mockery of conformist repression led to a massive, passionate fan base and an epic run of hits in the 1980s. Furthering their notoriety was a string of outrageous videos during the height of the MTV boom; their riotous appearance and ebullient braggadocio became a sensation around the world, especially in the U.S., where the group’s bombastic rebelliousness was the perfect antidote to the staid preppiness of the Reagan years.

Twisted sister’s spirit of liberation and adventure stand front and center in the design of this bold new guitar from ASG. Adapted from the ‘bone’ logo featured on the cover of the legendary triple-platinum release Stay Hungry, the dayglo pink TS graphic pulses brightly against a gloss black background for maximum visibility. This axe is ready to let it rip! Other features include a select, hand-carved mahogany top, single cutaway, solid mahogany body, a set mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, Mother-of-Pearl trapezoid inlays, Gravedigger headstock, and chrome ASG headstock emblem. Choose custom ASG Arsenal pickups or go all out and upgrade to EMGs and Pink DR Strings!. This hard rocking axe is bound throughout and is perfect for any Twisted Sister fan whether it’s to be hung on the wall or utilized as a performance tool. Take note however: if you want to Bang Your Head with this six-string, act soon! Only 50 of these cool guitars by ASG will ever be made, and they’re sure to get snapped up quickly.

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