Armadillo is on the Road! 
Tuesday, July 26, 2011, 03:10 PM
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Greetings my babies and welcome to my first live entry to the official blog from JFK Airport. The day began with my 7:00 AM drive to Baltimore-Washington International Airport--a trek I've made so many times now I no longer feel the tremendous anxiety when I hit the road.

The morning did have a slight hiccup--the ticket agent at Delta was absolutely determined to cheez my doodles and insisted that my carry-on bag was too big to fly. I demonstrated the compression strap features, and how my bag neatly fit into that ridiculous box that everyone ignored as they wheeled their monstrosities past me....including a guy with an acoustic guitar... He insisted that my netbook pouch (out of the bag for security) was constituting a 3rd bag, and it took three attempts at convincing him I was legit. In desperation, I grabbed another ticket agent to act as a neutral 3rd party, who said "What? he's fine! it fits...." and the trip has just begun, and already, ladies and gentlemen, we have our DOTD (Douchebag of the day--need you ask?)

In 2 hours I'll be Finland bound--I've already starting googling key Finnish phrases and I can now announce "I have a hovercraft full of eels." Just waiting for that conversational opportunity.

I'll be posting again from Helsinki....get ready my babies, because Kotka is just around the corner!

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