Republic of Texas Biker Rally, Austin Texas, June 15, 2013 
Sunday, June 16, 2013, 02:46 AM
Here we go, my babies! Get your motor running and head out on the highway...coming to you from the live music capital of the world and the Great Republic of Texas' Guiness Book of World Records Holder for the largest motorcycle parade...the Austin Texas ROT motorcycle rally! Thirty years after their first show in Austin (which by the way, was also their first United States tour date) Twisted Sister absolutely tore it loose, rocking the crowd with a fantastic full set of blistering metal, paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of “You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll” and ending the show with an encore worthy of the thousands of denim and leather clad S.M.F.s who joined the party! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for only heavy metal concert reviewer brave enough to face 15,000 while wearing pink...the one and only Official Armadillo Road Report, dateline June 15, 2013, Austin Texas! Yee-fuckin’-haw!

Your faithful road reporter would have normally felt right at home amongst the armadillos...except for the fact that the local breed are apparently on a northern migration…go figure. Regretfully, I arrived on a late flight Friday evening, missing the crew dinner at a local BBQ joint the night before but from the photos I've seen of our own Mr. French gnawing on some ribs, I missed some fine good eats. Friday also found our Twisted entourage riding in the parade, and served as parade grand marshals to an endless sea of chrome and leather. And yes—they did in fact set the Guiness Book of World Records for longest motorcycle parade.

The morning began bright and early for the road crew as we made our way out to the expo grounds. The concert area gave me a few flashbacks of the ill-fate Wichita show—a large, sloped open field with a simple stage construction, lighting truss but *unlike* Kansas, we had a tarped roof overhead AND someone paying close attention to the weather. Twisted seems to have a history of producing nasty weather, and so when dark clouds began to circle, I prayed that Ted Nugent and his raindance headdress was nowhere within 100 miles.
The field was cordoned off with what looked like giant chunks of concrete remnants, and a security pit so large we nicknamed it “the moat.”

We could see an arrangement of concession stands off in the rear, including one advertising foot long corn dogs—I’m brave….I’m not THAT brave....and of course, there were beer tents, biker merchandise, beer tents, food concession, beer tents, biker displays, beer tents....and a very large jumbotron bussed in on a trailer. And more beer tents. The expo center where much of the biker wares were displayed, was adjacent to biker ramps (for jumping over a bus!), obstacle courses and even a little pond, where I suspect more than one intoxicated attendee ended up before the night was over. In the middle of the field, a “goat pen” with folding chairs, which I suspect was some attempt at a “VIP” section.
A very warm and accommodating local crew met us and tended to all of our needs, showing us that kind Texas hospitality--certainly enough to put Austin at the top of my “friendliest cities” list.

The local saying is “Keep Austin Weird,” a commentary on the impending gentrification efforts by big business. I can certainly tell you that while we didn’t encounter a lot of weirdness, Austin did have its quirks. The least of which --the live music and carnival atmosphere extended well beyond the 2 a.m. hour. A bit too enthusiastic perhaps, but I learned that it *IS* possible to wear too much pink. Bikers are a warm, patriotic and fun crowd…but to prevent any misunderstandings, it was suggested to tone down the pink and black a bit. And for the record, I was not wearing a pink thong.

So after de-pinkifying, I joined the road crew for load-in and sound check—this time we had an impromptu version of “My Sherona” and we were off to an excellent start, a quick version of “Tom Sawyer” followed by “Shoot ‘em Down”. It sounded good and we even finished early. As the morning moved along, the humidity grew and before long, both road crew and stage were drenched in sweat. Our own “Sound of Thunder” was in the house—A. J. joined the a.m. sound check wearing his aptly descriptive “weapons of mass percussion” shirt—his kick drum boom drowned out on occasion by the roaring and revving of motorcycles, making the place sound more like a drag race than a biker rally at times. There seemed to be three types of biker sounds—the “butter butter butter” rumble of V-twins, the high-pitched whine and rev of street racers, and the “ringgggggg ding ding ding” of dirt bikes. Yes, folks, there was something for everyone here! We had a brief luxury—an hour or two to go back to the hotel for a quick shower, lunch and a power nap—and then on to the show!

I was delighted to see the merch tent, located immediately in the front fence line—a nice change from back by the beer tents—and oh, my babies, did we have merch! Best merch ever! We had the bones bandannas, Chick-Skull TS tee, UTB tees, We’re Not Gonna Take It/Bones tee, the new and beautiful 30th anniversary of “You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll” tee, there was a retro-style but very tasteful “cursive” tee and yes, ladies and gents—the ever popular, often talk about but seldom modeled “Twisted thong!” Ladies thong, I might add—no banana hammocks.

Vince Neil took to the stage first—as a co-headliner he was also afforded a full set—and definitely a popular set with the crowd. (I never realized just how many “motorcycle” themed songs there are!) The crew and I took a moment to enjoy his show from the wings—I was mesmerized watching his drummer, whose drumming style can be described as one part heavy metal drumming, one part epileptic seizure. At one point, he used a loose crash cymbal…to play his crash cymbals! Interesting to watch, if not a bit distracting after awhile. After a set full of Motley hits, the sun began to set and we prepped to rock Austin.

The local military color guard took the stage to some very well-deserved cheers—in fact, it was one of the loudest applause I’ve ever heard a color guard get—and then something I didn’t expect—those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. A crowd of thousands all screaming out the pledge to our flag absolutely gave me chills—one of those special little moments you really have to stop and appreciate. The producers brought the festival founders onstage—along with a special entourage of vets from all American conflicts, including WWII. One lucky vet went home with a raffled off custom chopper from Count Custom Cycles. (We really felt bad for the guy who’s name got picked but wasn’t there to claim it! His loss…made someone else a happy fellow!)

With the sun down, it wasn’t before long that “Long Way” blared out and our bad boys of rock and roll made their way to the stage. I had a chance to see Dee getting himself fired up as he prepared to storm the stage—he reminded me of a prize fighter about to take the ring-- jumping side to side, fists pumping, ready to annihilate any opponent. He stormed the stage, opening with “You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll”—homage to its 30-year old roots—an exhilarating opening number, and rapidly becoming one of my favorite openers. (Animal helped it along by pounding a few extra notes on Eddie’s guitar)

I was pleasantly surprised to see “Shoot ‘em Down” next on the setlist—I wasn’t sure at first if the crowd was ready for this monster song, but as Mark launched his bass assault—that spot in the song when he alternates between smacking the neck and the body of the bass as he does with such fervor—the crowd just erupted with cheers. It’s nice to be appreciated.

After a cleanly played version of “Stay Hungry,” Dee stopped to chat with the audience for a spell. Perhaps the crowd had enjoyed a bit too much….sun. Or maybe it was the beer tents. But either way, Dee needed just a bit more! He observed that at 3 a.m. last night “You motherfuckers were louder than that!” (so true. really. Austin partied until at least past 4!) And as he introduced the band as “Twisted Fucking Sister”…he followed with a grateful tongue-in-cheek curtsy, and launched into a rant on Bret Michaels that while I’m NOT going to repeat here, is totally worth a trip to YouTube!

The audience gave a solid response to “The Beast”—thousands of hands and fists, including one clutching one of those foot-long corn dogs—at one point, Dee put Jay Jay in a headlock as he played—and then straddled atop an amp, nearly giving one of the crew a heart attack as he belted out the stop from his perch. He repeated this on a larger scale during “The Kids Are Back”—now standing atop the monitor—I couldn’t unclench myself until he was safely back on the stage! Animal snuck in a few grabs at the cymbals, boy, he seems to be playing everyone’s instruments tonight.

Jay Jay reminded those in attendance that not only was it 30 years ago that “You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll” was pressed into vinyl, but that it was in Austin, Texas, 30 years ago, that Twisted Sister played the first date of their first U.S. tour!
Dee was just getting warmed up with the rants. We had so many Dee-isms that night there’s no way I could catch them all…but he mentioned that with the following day being Sunday, the day “all the good little bikers go to church,” he is an ordained minister, and welcomed all to the “Church of Twisted Sister” and asked those to “repeat after Dee…Reverend Dee…” to testify…“I Believe in Rock n’ Roll!”

Per Dee: “That kinda sucked! Now come to the church!” I don’t know if the crowd was too hot from the day, too drunk from the beer, or just too cool for school….but they just didn’t want to sing. But if there is one man who can work a crowd into a frenzy, it’s The Snide One. The crowd warmed up a bit more during “I Believe….” Kudos to the one lucky S.M.F. in the front row who made a success diving catch for Eddie’s pick. {give that fan a contract as we say at in Baltimore baseball!)

“We’re Not Gonna Take It”, easily the most recognizable song on the setlist, always manages to get the crowd full engaged. An excellent lighting intro by the way—nice synchronized white LED can lights perfectly matched A.J.’s intro. I was taking in the whole aesthetic—the bikers, the boobies, the Bad Boys of Rock and Roll, the bubbles--- Wait a second…bubbles? Am I really seeing bubbles? I took my pink off for these bikers and there’s BUBBLES blowing in the front row!!?? Now that’s just wrong, I tell ya.

Dee then went into one of his raps, explaining about the universal appeal of “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” being used for everything from Betty White to Extended Suite America to fighting vaginal dryness. Uh…pardon me? Says Dee: “Oh THAT got your attention!” Why, as a matter of fact..

“Not too many bands talk about vaginal dryness onstage…” [Well, yes, Dee. I think there’s a reason for that...] and he then went on to deliver one of the funniest onstage raps I’ve heard in a long, long time. I don’t think I’ve heard the words “vaginal dryness” uttered so many times….in fact, I wrote down “vaginal dryness” every time he said it, just so I’d have a reason to type “vaginal dryness” at least five or six times in said road report. Who am to argue with Dee: “We’re fighting vaginal dryness…we’re doing God’s work here!” He even took a poll—“Let me see your hands—who isn’t against vaginal dryness?” Apparently there was just one. Dee even took at dig at the one band who isn’t standing up against vaginal dryness…Judas Priest! (love ya, Rob Halford. It’s all in good fun.)

And while we’re at it, Dee did acknowledge the bubbles that continued to float up from the first row—and reminded everyone that “bubbles are not metal!” (I TOLD you, dammit) Musically, Twisted played a really good set. It was just frustrating to see fans who were not engaged at the “appropriate” level.

A.J. did some great drumming on “Fire Still Burns,” including some rather fancy handwork, twirling and catching the sticks—and although I’m not sure the transition was entirely seemless, “We’re Gonna Make It” is a phenomenal song, and it really lends itself to being played live. Even though Twisted doesn’t add this to the setlist often, it was played tightly and beautifully.

Now I just have to interject here—as I mentioned in a previous report, Twisted Sister has a beautiful, new, hot pink powder coated mic stand. It’s incredibly heavy, and is designed to not only be rugged, but functional as well. It RARELY falls now. Instead, it bobbles back and forth like a “weeble wobble,” perpetually psyching me out. Every time it wobbles, I have to “tighten up back there” until I can see it isn’t falling over. And although I only one mic stand retrieval, I had to make at least 2 trips across the stage to pick up thrown mardi gras beads--hey--those things are slippery...and have you seen the heels on Dee's boots? One wrong step on those beads and he'd go flying! I wrote in the South America blog entries about some of the perils onstage--there was one danger I forget to mention--A.J. has made something of a sport of beaning roadies with sticks--and he is remarkably accurate, I might add. I took two for the team. (and no, I don't get to keep the sticks!)

“Under The Blade” gave us some Dee high-kicks a la rockettes—we had some A.J. high-flying stick catches, and even Jay Jay got in on the act with some behind the head playing. I mean, seriously, these guys were really working hard, bringing their A-game—I hope the fans out there in Austin appreciated the efforts.

We had some fantastic lighting work on “The Price” with Dee bathed in a soft pink glow…very nice….and an Eddie solo filled with emotion. “The Price” means something different to each fan—it’s a very personal song—and more than once I’ve seen Eddie close his eyes during this solo.

Speaking of lights, there were some little light tricks tonight in “Burn in Hell”—at the moment when Dee gives the introductory “Just 5 words to say…as you go down…down….down…..” red spots that were beamed outward, slowly drew inward towards the stage, perfectly mirroring the remaining band members. Flawlessly done—I hope that bit stays!
We had a bit of Twisted silliness as well—you’ve heard the term “picking a fight?” Well, I’m not sure what spawned it, but Eddie and Jay Jay seemed to be having some sort of “pick fight,” with a volley of pics being flicked at one another. (it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!)

“I Wanna Rock” usually knocks the crowd on it’s ass….and then brings them to their feet. After the first refrain, Dee admonished those present with “That sucked!” Even the now famous “fuck or rock” poll failed the get the reaction Dee was looking for—this crowd was just older, drunker and more tired than usual, I suppose. Although those in attendance *DID* want to fuck more than rock, and it took a few tries, in the end, Dee was satisfied that the crowd was finally giving back what he gave them. He gave props to the ROT founder who joined him momentarily on-stage until Dee gently directed him to the side, whispering,

“Yeah, you’d better get outta my way…cuz…I wanna rock…”
The best part of the night came at the closing encore. After a quick pow-wow on stage and some short work with a sharpie, the set list was changed and we were all treated to the biker national anthem, also know as “Born To Be Wild.” Those of you familiar with the Twisted Sister story know that this song saved the band more than once, when not-so-friendly motorcycle clubs came to the shows but this music soothed the hot tempers. Fantastic cover—it was my first time hearing it live and it really gave me a feel for the club days.

So let’s review, shall we?
There were bazillions of bikers, beer, babes and boobs, Born To Be Wild and the Bad Boys of Rock and Roll brought it all! A killer show in the lone star state, delivered the only way that Twisted Sister knows how—fast and furious.

And with that…I made my way back to Baltimore, somewhat dazed from little slip but a fantastic heavy metal hangover. Knowing full well, of course, that barely 72 hours after returning home, I’d be boarding a plane for Europe to tour once more!

This is Armadillo, your faithful reporter, signing off. See you in Europe, my babies!

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According to Carol Bannerman of the USDA, are no plans yet to gas the geese like last year. According to the NY Times, so the Agriculture Department is gearing up for another round of goose removals this year, using new capturing techniques, focusing on more sites and extending the hunt beyond the molt season. Who is telling the truth or who is playing with words?.
Have worn heels so much that my feet have been a mess. I had to get my toe operated also which looked like scooped out corn. However, I still wear heels.
Macy's is adding a champagne and chocolate bar in the shoe department at its Herald Square flagship and is hiring runners to bring shoes to sales associates wielding handheld devices. Saks is adding a camera that will be pointed at shoppers' shoes and display the images on a screen. Barneys New York has added more obscure designers who appeal to shoe fetishists..
Call it fashion media musical chairs: Earlier this week, Joanna Coles from US Marie Claire has just confirmed her new gig at Cosmopolitan. Naturally, the world was left wondering who will take her place? That role will be filled by Anne Fulenwider, Brides EIC since October 2011. Coles and Fulenwider both worked together at Marie Claire in 2009, and its fair to assume that Marie Claire (and by the way, can we give extra kudos for them for featuring two funny gals Kristen Wiig and Chelsea Handler in their most two recent covers?) will most likely stay intact while Cosmo have been due for a major overhaul.
It what we do and that what cabs are for, she says. Why we walk barefoot at the end of the night and why there nothing better than a good foot scrub in the bathtub. 1 Daniela Corte Fashion Show, which will showcase the very pieces any urban goddess needs to dial the heat up 10 notches..

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They just look at how rich they make them appear. Why not replicas? Replicas never can compare to actual Vuittons. They aren't comparable in any material, and are sometimes easy to spot.
Related articles: he only says to do business. Innovation driven plus 3 adults break through these sites, can effectively avoid the website database leaked affect their work email account; not to register the network account, the life of people always meet many temptations, thought shake is the beginning of my crime the. The Red Cross has been from the aspects of mechanism, personnel, funds to ensure the security of information management system construction work..
As a contest of talent, skill and charisma, Lambert wins in such an undisputed way, he was better. If it's for the allegiance of the south and for a good "churchgoer", America got what they wanted. Sounds familiar.
Models walked a quarter mile runway at the Galleria Dallas. The mall's fashion expert Holly Quartaro said that by the end of the night, each model will have walked a mile and a half in heels. NorthPark Center featured runway shows, beauty stations for mini makeovers and an exhibit of Roberto Cavalli gowns..
And let not forget that, although doctoring does have a higher status than nursing, it doesn follow that doctors always come up trumps, and can always do things that a nurse can I can think of plenty of situations in which I rather be diagnosed and treated by a nurse with a couple of decades experience on this ward than by a doctor who fresh out of med school. Nothing against the doctor, of course it just that, sometimes, the nurses know more, and are better at making people better. And yet they still have a lower status, and are frequently legally prevented from acting without the oversight of a doctor who knows less well what to do..

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The 2014 Golden Globe Awards red carpetMeet the leaders of the fashion pack. The Golden Globes are always a frenzy of fabulous fashion. So it takes something special to land a coveted spot on the best dressed list.
The High Speed is a good service, I use it everyday from Canterbury to London. It's rarely late or cancelled and the staff are mostly polite. But it should be.
Wedding is the ceremony where two souls lose their self to join in harmony to share the rest of their lives in love. Every lady would like to look the best on the day of her wedding when she is the cynosure of all eyes in the wedding hall. Imagining the wedding scene with the huge gathering looking at her and admiring her wedding dress, jewellery, make up, accessories, hair style would cause goose bumps for any bride to be as she would be equally tensed to look that great and attractive.
New state of the art showroom, offices, customer lounge, business center, and children's playroom are just some of the additions we've added. If you don't see a vehicle you want, just call to speak with Fuel economy calculations based on original manufacturer data for trim engine configuration. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling us prior to purchase..
Let's start with the early adopters. If you, unlike me, have some fashion gold panning ability that lets you identify the Next Big Thing, and consequently discover the achingly cool new jeans brand that's big in Japan but no one knows about here, then you'll look like you're trying to impress people. Admittedly, you may actually impress them, but when you wear the distressed denim with the purple safety pin jammed into them instead of a brand label (I'm making this up, but is it any stranger than Ksubi's Liquid Paper logo?), you make people like me think you deliberately want us to ask where you got them.

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It is not new to see a Gucci Classic Handbags designused gucci backpacks from Gucci Classic Handbags . This is the latest from the brand, and just like his other Gucci Classic Wallets , this also looks gucci walletsexotic Gucci and very much shiny. It indeed aion goldlooks interesting but somehow,Gucci Classic Wallets I think it also looks gaudy.
One study showed a mother future earnings increased about 7% for every month the father took off. Garments and fashion trend clothes could seem more expensive for the majority amongst us. Did you understand that by utilizing PBP Executive Reports Discount Code rate cut codes, you can dedicate on some of the best looking garments and fashion clothes for practical rates.
You have done a exceptional job. Its clear that you know what you are writing about. I am excited to read more of your sites content.
Well trained Neuro Linguistic Programmers will always teach by installation, not by teaching technique after technique. Techniques outdate themselves too quickly to base the field of NLP on a set of techniques. It is based upon the attitude, the models and the skills which allow for constant generation of new techniques which are more effective and work faster..
Sitting in a cross legged pose, lean the head to the right and extend the left arm and hand toward the ground until you feel a deep stretch on the left side of the neck. Breathe deeply and hold for a few breath cycles, repeating on the other side. You can also try standing in Mountain Pose and stretching the neck to one side, gently pulling with the same hand..

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The must tryA day trip to Cadiz. With its faded old town of pastel buildings and cobbled streets, this sun baked city made an excellent stand in for Old Havana in the Bond film Die Another Day. El Faro (Calle San Felix 15; 00 34 956211068) has fresh seafood and mouthwatering tapas..
If a figure consists of separate parts, it is important that a single composite illustration file be submitted which contains all parts of the figure. There is no charge for the use of color figures. Please read our figure preparation guidelines for detailed instructions on maximising the quality of your figures.
There are so many makers that are there in the market for the Christian Louboutin replicas that they have almost lost their charm. There are certain quality standards that are maintained while making the originals but there's no such thing when it comes to designer duplicates, as there is no law for it. These designer duplicates are inch by inch imitations.
The pool has three bars. The Glass Bar is under an elevated glass bottomed deck pool and provides cool comfort for those above and unique scenery for those below. The Waterfall Bar is hidden behind a cascading, 12 foot waterfall.
And for a while, we hadn't the faintest idea what any filmmaker might choose to show us on screen. Well, that's changed yet again. As any avid movie goer has noticed over these last 20 years, films are filled with clichs again.

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Her acting like a baby is very normal. She knows it is a way to get cuddling and attention. She loves you so much and juist wants to make sure that you love her, too.
Crises show who the true leaders are, but at all times a leader must remain consistent and look to the future. This can be difficult, especially during the good times. Chenault remembered when AmEx was doing extremely well, when the Internet started to spread.
Not many people get to ring in their 21st birthday playing a DJ set for a Strip side nightclub full of EDM loving club goers. Well, Wynn resident DJ Alesso is doing just that at XS this Monday. With that in mind, Weekly decided this was the perfect opportunity to compare Alesso's awesome, over the top experience with our, well, not as awesome, not so over the top experiences.
"His reply was just three words, 'Get downstairs now,' which changed my life," recalled Block. "I went downstairs, where he outlined.UPDATE 1 Empire State Building investors to vote on first step to IPOReuters January 22, 2013By Ilaina Jonas NEW YORK, Jan 22 (Reuters) The company that controls the Empire State Building has asked investors to approve a key step in selling the iconic New York skyscraper to the broader public in an initial offering. Malkin Holdings LLC, which manages the building, is asking investors to approve transferring ownership to a company that can then go public.
Handmade bags can be used not only to carry items but it has become also used as a part of the gifts. Such as tods leather bags for women. Tods is definitely an Italian brand, handbags, covering appurtenances and additional affairs content articles articles and chaired by agent Diego Della Valle..

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"It's essentially like having a sample sale online," explains Gandhi. Except you're not elbowing and fighting with crazed shoppers at an end of season sale in a store or designer showroom. You do it from the comfort of your computer, most likely at lunch time when most of these sales go live..
But the "second world" has become big in the domestic trend. He can not have too many requirements. Moreover.
Your personal know how and kindness in maneuvering all things was invaluable. I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't encountered such a subject like this. I am able to at this point relish my future.
I went to my size and found a few goodies, but no wedding shoes. Found, when my soon to be mother in law. They were size 8, they are undetected.
From the Bride. "Van and I met through work, both of us were in the management consulting practice at Deloitte, though living very different lives in separate cities. We first chatted at a conference and while there was no immediate 'aha he's the one' moment in fact, I thought he was a bit ridiculous he gave me some very insightful life advice that resonated and spurred some significant changes at my end.


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