Happy New Year to SMF's everywhere! 
Saturday, December 31, 2011, 01:59 PM
Just taking a moment to reflect on the incredible year 2011 was for Twisted Sister fans. While all of the local news broadcasts are calling 2011 a year that many wish to forget, for so many SMFs, 2011 was a year we will remember forever.

This time last year, we were still flying high from the winter twisted trip to South America--a land where Heavy Metal still reigns supreme, and the people's passion for music is surpassed only by their warmth, kindness and love. I arrived as a scared fan, but departed as a part of a heavy metal family.

The Spring of 2011 gave us one of the best US shows (and setlists) to date--a spectacular charity concert for Ocular Immunology & Uveitis Research in New York City, coupled with the extraordinary Pinkburst Project auction in Boston, the following afternoon.

Nothing could have prepared us for the summer of 2011--a Twisted tour of Europe that would stretch across the UK, Spain, Hungary, Canada,Czech Republic, Greece, Finland and remarkably, Russia! (Still kicking myself for not getting the visa lined up in time!) Nothing could have been greater proof that while cultures, dialects and customs may vary, rock and roll is a universal language of the heart and soul.

For this fan, it was a dream come to true to travel to Greece, where the Twisted Sister fans proved to our Twisted five that Greece was well worthy of the two shows they received that year. Finland was a land full of hospitality and beauty, with a passion for Twisted Sister and heavy metal that was unsurpassed. Quebec City was magical, whimsical and dream-like. SMFs everywhere share that one common bond-- a love for Twisted Sister and glorious rock and roll!

If I leave this Earth with any regrets, it is only that I could not join the Twisted fans in the other counties that they visited---every single country that Twisted visited gave them a warm welcome, energetic crowds and allowed Twisted Sister to do what they do best--put on the best live heavy metal concert anywhere!

And so my babies, not knowing what 2012 will bring us, I can only wish all of you--the S.M.F. friends of Twisted Sister--all over the world, a year of good health, prosperity, personal growth, love and most of all, peace. May the year ahead bring us all together once more-- my deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone in the band, the road crew, the management and of course, the fans!

Happy New Year....and I hope to see you on the road in 2012


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