Armadillo is on the Road!

Greetings my babies and welcome to my first live entry to the official blog from JFK Airport. The day began with my 7:00 AM drive to Baltimore-Washington International Airport–a trek I’ve made so many times now I no longer feel the tremendous anxiety when I hit the road.

The morning did have a slight hiccup–the ticket agent at Delta was absolutely determined to cheez my doodles and insisted that my carry-on bag was too big to fly. I demonstrated the compression strap features, and how my bag neatly fit into that ridiculous box that everyone ignored as they wheeled their monstrosities past me….including a guy with an acoustic guitar… He insisted that my netbook pouch (out of the bag for security) was constituting a 3rd bag, and it took three attempts at convincing him I was legit. In desperation, I grabbed another ticket agent to act as a neutral 3rd party, who said “What? he’s fine! it fits….” and the trip has just begun, and already, ladies and gentlemen, we have our DOTD (Douchebag of the day–need you ask?)

In 2 hours I’ll be Finland bound–I’ve already starting googling key Finnish phrases and I can now announce “I have a hovercraft full of eels.” Just waiting for that conversational opportunity.

I’ll be posting again from Helsinki….get ready my babies, because Kotka is just around the corner!



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