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Posted 2011-05-08 10:26 PM (#27386 - in reply to #27359)
Subject: RE: Forgotten SMFS!.
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Road Reporter

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Hi BobCat.
here ya go:
They have played (since 2003) either as Twisted Sister or the no-frills version Bent Brother...more shows in NYC than any other city:

2003: The Chance, L'Amours, and the Starland Blallroom
2004: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, The Chance, The Starland, The Downtown, Meadowlands
2005-2006 I was living out west--can't remember but I know there were dates in there somewhere.
2007: Fillmore NYC
2008: Nokia NYC--two shows
2009: Nokia NYC ; Crazy Donkey, Starland
2010: No NY shows but they played Plymouth MA and Philly.
2011: Best Buy Theatre

So that's...what...15 shows in NY area on the reunion tour. I'm sure there were more that I forgot. Every show they played--and I've caught quite a few of them--it is ALWAYS about the music. These guys, their manager, their crew--they have one priority and that is to deliver a great show every time, to every fan. They care. They really really do. If all they cared about was money, they would be doing something else entirely.

Touring is brutal--I have seen, firsthand, how grueling and physical it can be on the band members. They give it all they have, with all of their heart and energy. AJ played in South America with a broken foot-- he could barely get himself onto the bus after the show he was so wiped out. But he knew that those fans had waited 30 years for TS--most had NEVER seen them play. He wasn't going to let them down. The man played an INCREDIBLE set.

When Eddie had emergency back surgery, the band took the stage with an emergency fill-in--Jay Jay spent the entire day with the guy, teaching him the parts so he could play, just so the fans would not have a canceled show. Eddie played the subsequent shows, and even though he was not 100% he gave it his all, so that the fans could enjoy the Twisted experience. They played in a fucking downpour, with electrical shorts left and right in Wichita--damn near electrocuting themselves. Why? They hated to leave the stage knowing that the fans waited for them all day. Dee has stood outside in freezing cold temperatures in POUGHKEEPSIE no less, signing autographs for fans. His manager was trying to shoo him inside because the sub zero temps are bad for the vocal cords. Do ya know what Dee told him? "yeah, I know....I'll be inside soon. I gotta go talk to these guys--they are out here freezing just for us." yes. I was there.

THIS is what it's all about. Jay Jay, Eddie, Mark, AJ were exhausted in Brazil--jet lagged and wiped out from a killer show--and they still spent OVER AN HOUR with a hoard of fans back at the hotel, signing autographs, taking pictures and just talking to everyone. The hotel offered to bring them in through a back door--they STILL came out front to meet with fans.

We may see a few small clubs in the future--who knows? But what you are basically asking for, is so remarkably self-centered, as if Poughkeepsie made Twisted Sister. If you follow that logic, then they should play more UK dates, because it was there that they got signed.

So seriously, Bobcat. Really think about what you're saying. Poughkeepsie is not the center of the frickin' universe. There are fans all over the country, all over the world, that would give ANYTHING to have Twisted come within 100 miles of their town. Twisted has played yours...or near least 15 times. Make all the "please play poughkeepsie" requests you want--maybe they'll actually do it. But don't come on this slamboard and somehow imply that they they don't know "what it's all about" because they don't play your town enough to your taste. That's absolutely absurd.

[anyone else notice it always seems to be poughkeepsie folks who complain about this?]

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