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Posted 2011-05-08 9:53 AM (#27377 - in reply to #27359)
Subject: RE: Forgotten SMFS!.
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Extreme SMF

Posts: 158
Whoa there....

Do NOT be knocking this band because they do not play smaller gigs. Ignoring the fans for so called profit.

ANY research on the members of this band will tell you they all have big commitments outside of the band itself.

JJ is a very successful business man, running his own management company. Dee of course, has his radio show, The House of Hair.. Both these guys have crawled themselves back from bankruptcy and built careers away from TS that provide for their families way more than royalties from TS records sales ever did. Nowadays they are fully aware of the pitfalls of the music/entertainment industry and are cautious of not being able to make ends meet.

The outside commitments also mean that there are at least five band member schedules to try and co-ordinate. Considering that one fact alone, makes keeping TS going a monumental task and one hell of a commitment by the band members to the fans and the band itself. It all has to tie in with making sure everybody is covered and can provide regular income for their respective families. The band provides a platform for its respective members to earn, travel and promote themselves enough to be worthwhile. The costs involved are enormous. (Try flying a band and its equipment to South America, Greece, etc.) and then taking care of business at home. Ever notice that the House of Hair is played all over the US every week no matter where TS play? Thats because Dee pre records the shows. Thats days in front of a microphone before he then travels half way across the world to play a gig. Thats a lot of work. Dont forget rehearsals, stage clothing, equipment etc, etc. AND...they have families too.

So...we have to be thankful for what we get. Lord knows none of us want this reunion to ever end. A lot of juggling goes on to make all this happen. And if not doing something (like smaller gigs) is the price we me...its worth it.

I'm sure no harm is intended by your post. Wanting more TS is what we all desire on this site. But suggesting they all drop their real earning potential to give more time to us, basically give themselves away, is no way to keep this reunion going. A few years back, after 9/11, the members of TS regrouped and dipped their toes back into the murky waters of the music industry. Since New York Steel they have tested and retested its viability. If all this ever becomes non-viable, or the minute any one of the band members start risking what they have built outside TS, the reunion will stop.

So trust me...we SMF's are not forgotten.


Evel...Phx, Az

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