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Jim Hudson
Posted 2010-03-12 5:52 PM (#24033 - in reply to #23988)
Subject: On same page? --Please LMAO---
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Location: Rocking In The Florida Dark !
Just as a side note: This really happened to a friend,
Forget the music for a miniute, I had a friend from white plains that loved the Allman bros- Big Time ! for years-The guy was ammazed that when he went for a autograph that , The guy spit on him -- He found out, it was cause he was from NY and The guy hated Yankees--The guy was crushed --couldnt believe it.Thats true ! ( A member of the Allman Bros) And while it has nothing to do with " the Music " Be glad if you have never been a victem of this kind of shit in your own life There are a lot of little southern towns still like this today.
KNOWLEDGE -is also a biggy

Outside of that Rock with whom you want !, and ill rock with whom I want
I have reasons for my feelings , and really dont need to explain it.
besides my own musical tastes --some we do actually share LMAO-- which is, we are all cool .
There really shouldnt be any big deal here- I mean who cares, you know? Info that peeps may not be aware of is allways good to me. --Hopefully others will never experiance that kind of stuff and stupid predjudice--But still should know it does go on sometimes.

Hopefully Im done writing on this topic --allthough If I saved one person from that kind of abuse --that was good. ---I think we are all on the same page now, OK? HOPEFULLY ---- So we can each rock to who we want.

PS -CYN on that CD --The mailed one-- I really liked tracks 2,3,4,11,12 and 14 --Just thought youd get a kick out of that -- ( wish I could have told you in a better place but)Thanks by the way for that one ! ( now that one did rock) -- The naibors may hear that one tonight !

well as far as selling out show's -- " the good boys never get what they deserve"
Sorry -- not wanting to antagonize more -- just F-in around. Its all Good !
To me have fun while you can ! --who cares who thinks what-- just have fun!
Im going out Rockin right now !

Edited by Jim Hudson 2010-03-12 6:05 PM

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