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Posted 2006-05-01 6:00 PM (#2054 - in reply to #2043)
Subject: RE: Silverton Pics!
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Alright TF Mitch you asked fot it. lol

It was a weekend second to none. From the minute the plane touched the ground to the minute of lift off 10pm Sunday night it was just one amazing memory after another.

First off seeing all the SMF's (This little thing of ours) was nothing less then heart warming. (Cyn / Metal you guys were there trust me) We all met and proceeded to tear that hotel down! Most of up were up over 24hrs and pretty much played catchup. It was great seeing Dillo again and finally meeting the Webbie was a pleasure long over due. Again, like all the other SMF family members Sister choose to surround themselves with Webbie was just the nicest most down to earth guy you'd ever want to meet. We all share in his endless hours of dedication and tireless hardwork to get the pix up literally minutes after the actual show, and you read what he had to go through to prevail, Our hats off to you and a big THANK YOU. And with everything on his plate he still found the time to hang with us SMF's.

The anticipation and finally being able to see the Boyz again was nerve shattering. lol The moment is finally here and were all inside. Crowd was everything from ole geezers, no snide comments lol, to little kids literally like the headbangers of old. Nothing feels better then seeing yet ANOTHER generation getting their asses kicked by Sister. The big question of the night, DEE'S VOICE, Well as you all read it's on the top of its game and the scare is over. Long way to the top starts blaring, lights go down and the Boyz hit the stage. After a little light problem that inhibits the Boyz from being in the spot light on the usual Q the lights finally come back and the crowd gives goes nuts and erupts when they can finally see their heros.

What to say! The Boyz came they saw the KICKED VEGAS'S FUCKIN ASS! You saw the setlist one killer after another and a few rarely played gems. Jay Jay and Eddie wove their distinct dueling guitars to start building the noose to put around Vegas's neck and take no prisoners. The Animal played like he was daring the devil for a compitetion. He beat those bass guitars to a pulp and then some. I think M.A.M. had to get the hibernation period out of his system. lol A.J. kept it all together with his metronome perfection of keeping the time for the rest of the Boyz AND hes added to his Solo. You have to hear it to believe it. Dee was extra funny that night and left the casinos COMP section wanting to crawl and hide under some balckjack table. At one point he had the crowd yelling at them GET THE FUCK OUT. lol PRICELESS! Big Thanks go out to the Boyz for never forgetting their roots, just being human beings and treating SMF's the way they do and especially for the Shout out from the stage Jay Jay gave us. BOYZ - YOUR THE BEST!

The security there were the most anal in memory. After Danny knocked em down a peg now it was Dee's turn. But I'll leave this story for another SMF to tell. lol After the show and we're all exhausted from gettin our heads handed to us again the security are looking to strut their muscles lmfao again Mr Stanton to the rescue. With everything on this mans plate and having to worry about every minor detail to help the Boyz deliver the 110% show they always do he makes the time to see the East coast SMF's are treated with kid gloves. Danny thank you for EVERYTHING. I guess you can say Sister sent that testosterone driven toy cop staff home licking their wounds. 3 for the Boyz Zero for the rent a cops. I LOVED IT!

There are so many more chapters to this story I have to leave some for others. In the IRONIC dept. I happen to be standing next to a guy that was a bartender for 5 years at the Mad Hatter and LOVED Sister then and had the time of his life at the show. Walking on the way out I over hear Webbie talking to another X Mad Hatter employee who I believe was a DJ there for two years back in the day. What are the chances - 2 old Hatter employees now living in Vegas at the same show who couldn't believe how good the Boyz sounded after all these years and how their drive and ability to kick ass hasn't diminished one decible.

I have a lawnmower calling my name before the neighbors call the health dept on me. lol

Cosa Nostra we made alot of memories for the old age home. Charlie and J always a pleasure and delight, Jay-Sin proud of ya for not gettin us kicked out of any of the Casions lol. Webbie it was a true honor dude and hopefully oneday we can do it all again. Joe(I Wanna) Rock above and beyond the call of duty as always and a million thanks for playing limo driver and making sure most if not all of us had rides to and from the airport. YOUR THE SICKEST! And last but not least the first face I looked for and the last one I seen THE MAYOR! Nothing I can say that people from this board don't already know. Just one special Lady who took two hearts from the Wizard so she always has more then enough to share with the world. And Cousin Louie is taking care of that rent a cop as I type ;-)

Frig the lawn I gotta take a nap and get rid of this headache after having to remember all this and type it out. AND I BLAME MITCH! lol

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