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Daniel Stanton
Posted 2006-04-30 3:01 PM (#2028)
Subject: Viva Las Twisted!
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Forget Wayne Newton!!! Twisted Sister in Sin City was the show to catch and for those of you who did, you know that the East Coast boys came into town with their guns blazing and ready to rock old school style.

Here we go....

My day started on Friday morning at 6:00am when the alarm gave the ole "wake the fuck up" noise! Out the door by 8:00am and set to pick up Mark The Animal Mendoza...Took back roads to Marks secret compound - and trust me, its a fucking compound!
Got to Marks by 8:30am, left for the airport just shy of 9:00am (you cant rush Mark, well, you can, you just may not live to tell about it).
By 10:30am we were at the airport, Jay Jay already checked in. The only ones flying on this flight was Jay, Mark and myself, all the other guys followed out later...

Flight was good..My seat was in arms length on Marks so I didn't get any sleep - lol
Landed in Vegas and the car service shuttled us to the hotel.
Had Lunch with Donna who beat us all there!!! Then worked.

Friday night in Vegas went as follows:

Mark, Jay Jay and some staff went to dinner
Eddie and AJ got into town and hit the scene..
I worked, then gambled - and won! Blackjack all the way!
Dee arrived after midnight. Did dinner with him at 1:am which felt like 4am breakfast coming off the time change.

Woke up..That's a good start when youre in Las Vegas!
Did breakfast with the crew
Loaded the stage area at 12 noon
Made them remove the seats!!!!
Needed more gear, so we ordered in more backline!
Dee and Mark went out on Motorcycles.
5:00pm sound check: I sang four songs with AJ, Eddie, Jay Jay and Jimmy our tech filling in on bass because Dee and Mark were STILL out riding motorcycles....
5:35pm Dee and Mark made it back half way though sound check to finish up.
Couldn't fly the backdrop due to the wind factor outdoors but we did have the Twisted Sister lettering covering the amp line..and to be honest, if you didn't know who was on stage, you shouldn't be there to begin with....
Show started at 8:10pm.
Guests in the house: Frank Dimino of ANGEL, Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat, Paul Crook of Meatloaf, Asha from Van Helsing's Curse, Vince Neil of Motley Crue and many more all showed up to see the show.

Many of our east coast SMF's also came out as well - Donna, Joe Rock, Jason, Donnie and more....

Band kicked ass for 90+ minutes on stage - Set list was posted by now im sure.

Saturday night:
Dee took a red eye out of town with Duane from the crew...
The band had a private after show dinner party at The Rainbow.
Vinny Paul from Pantera was there and chatted with the guys for a while.
Frank Dimino of ANGEL did the hang with AJ.
All the food and drinks were on the house - Thank You Rainbow!

Sunday morning: Current time writing this
Mark wants to go and shoot machine guns and ride motorcycles. Sounds like fun, only he wants to do them both at the same time - GREAT!

(Phone ringing)
Just got a call from Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. checking in to say hello and to see how Dee's voice held up.. (Dee is doing and feeling great after his first show back from surgery).
WASP and TWISTED SISTER will play in Finland together this year. Blackie has always been great friends with TS! (Blackie was scheduled to catch this show but was tied up in the studio and couldn't get out in time)

Off to eat lunch and shoot machine guns..
Tonight we are scheduled to go see KID ROCK

I will update you more when im back in NYC on Tuesday

Daniel Stanton

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