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Posted 2006-04-29 5:53 AM (#1999)
Subject: Now I have some questions about Americans:
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These questions have bugged me for years- Can any of you answer these?

(SMFCyndi started's her fault)

Why do American MEN ALWAYS say to other men..."MAN!- Your Ass is mine?"

Why do Americans say after McDonalds.."All I have eaten is SHIT" ... Now I'm worried! LOL.

What is the difference between a red neck and a hillbilly?

Why do Americans insist they have no English in their blood-yet history state that their ancesters are from Europe?

Why do Native American get angry when they are called Red indians by the English- when in actual fact they were indians and their skins were red from the sun?

Why do Mexicans always have missing or bad teeth, hygiene odor and a blanket wrapped on them on T.V?

Why does it look like the high school kids in America always look around 30 years old?- even the thirteen year old have full beards and muscular bodies!
(and thats just the women)

Why is it called 'GAS' in America and not 'petrol?' ... isn't 'Gas' a form of chemistry substance such as air: a substance that is neither a solid nor a liquid e.g. air

Why do Men hug & kiss eachother in other countries- yet Men in England class that as 'puffy'

Yet to meet a new person- Americans ALWAYS formally 'shake hands' (That makes me always uncomfortable)

How come in England the male ear ring is worn in the left ear for masculinity (not puffy) and to wear the ear ring in the RIGHT ear is known as DEFINITELY Puffy- yet it's the opposite way round in U.S.A?

Why do ALL American's have teeth braces or are ALWAYS on about the dentist cavities in their mouths?- don't anyone have normal teeth there?  LOL.

Why are ALL talking toys done with an American accent?- why can't we have a Native Indian talking doll with an Navive Indian accent- "ME WANTUM WHITEMAN SCALP!"
Hmm, maybe not.

Why is it when Americans get annoyed- they want to F**k everyone... they always say "F**k YOU MAN!"
Then they ALWAYS ask..."Do you want a piece of me?huh?..Do ya?..DO YA?!"

Why are the Spanish Americans & Italian Americans always seen on English T.V as Thugs or some sort of maffia- and they are ALWAYS bossy stubborn, moody and angry.

How come the Jewish Americans ALWAYS celebrating having a Barmitzva - what the hell is it anyway?

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