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Macedonian SMF
Posted 2006-04-27 3:02 PM (#1987 - in reply to #1735)
Subject: RE: 10000 years old Pyramids found in BOSNIA !!!
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MP....great one....butttt.....Hmmmmm.....maybe not the "little green man".......You know....ancient civilisations were maybe far more productive then ours nowadays,they were more developed then now maybe...and we all heard that some strange things were happening like disapiering of whole continent Atlantis,burning of whole cities and what's more important,burning of the 3 biggest libraries in the old age,in Alexandria in Egypt,the second i don't remember,and the third in Ephesus in Turkey,i was on the third place 2 years ago,and's something u must see,it's's like another world.....So i'm tellin' ya that in the old age they had maybe more developed tools for building things,and everything was written down and held in the libraries,but "someone and somehow" burned down ALL the 3 main libraries in the old age at the same time . Maybe there were the answers for everithing.
And here in Macedonia,there are some strange things like that here too......1 year ago they found a Observatory for the stars up on one hill or should i call it a mountain....and man,it's really something,and what's more important,it's about 5000 years old...i freaked when i heard that......and NASA made a list of the most famous and biggest Observatories from the old age off course,and the Macedonian Observatory called Kokino is on 4 th place ,just behind Stonehenge,Observatory of Peru i think,and another i can't think of.....
Weird stuff MP
I'll keep you informed about things like that goin on here,i can see u like this stuff :D

Stayin Sick

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