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Posted 2009-02-11 3:53 AM (#18743 - in reply to #18715)
Subject: RE: Chinese Democracy
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Jaysin - 2009-02-10 3:09 AM

hannibal - 2009-02-09 6:11 PM

It's Axl and his band, I can't get it out of my mouth either calling Axl's new band GN'R, becouse I miss a couple of bandmembers of Guns that aren't in that band anymore...
Guns 'N Roses to me was The total band, to me it wasn'yt that Axl made Guns, It was specially the piano lyrics and Guitars and drums that made me fall for them... and than came Axl's voice... Sorry but it just is like what made me fall and feel for em...
But it doesn't say I don't like Axl's and his new bands music...

"......AND THEN CAME AXL'S VOICE"?????????????

Piano? They didn't even have piano on Appetite. And it was about 4 years until their next LP when piano really surfaced. Drums?? Who the hell can tell who's bangin away half the time??? They even changed hands a couple times.

Without a doubt Slash was key. But to say "It was specially the piano lyrics and Guitars and drums that made me fall for them... and than came Axl's voice." Well, without calling you crazy, that's just nuts.

Axl & Slash were undoubtedly the dominant faces of GNR. Love Duff and Izzy! They were killer characters and seemed to compliment A & S perfectly. Adler was another personality and fit the bill till Matt replaced him.

I think GNR was one of those bands that possessed a rare magic... talent and charisma across the board. They were one for all and all for one(Crue was another band that had their own kind of magic too). The focal point was naturally on Axl but only a tad bit more than Slash all the while without leaving anyone in shadows. Slash overshadowed Izzy but Izzy seemed comfortable in this role and unbothered by it. And that made him cool as shit.

So definitely it's hard to label this group that released "Chinese Democracy" as GNR. But if only Slash was to be in it also then it might be a different story.

Let me see....
If Duff and Izzy put out an album, or Slash and Sorum/Adler or Duff, Adler and Izzy, it would probably still feel less right to call them GNR...Until you throw Axl in the mix. Having Axl is probably the most important piece.

If Slash was in this "Axl band" labeling them as GNR would feel a lot more comfortable.

Anyway, that's my take on it.

actually you can easily find demo's from the AFD album and songs from 1987-1989 that have tons of piano. don't cry and november rain were written before AFD was ever made

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