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Posted 2006-04-19 6:10 PM (#1817)
Subject: I'm sorry for this...I really am
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Nearly A Band Member

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Location: MARS
I strongly believe this bullshit doesn't even belong on the Off Topic board but I have to spill this somewhere because it's eating me up like a fat kid on a chocolate cupcake. Why can't I get over the biggest, snobbiest, most stuck up bitch that walked the planet earth? I can't even answer that. Why is it that no girl likes me? A few of them can be considered friends but 95% of the girls in my school look at me in discust. Then bitch about their boyfriends EVERY GOD DAMN DAY. Then ask me "why are guys such assholes?" How the fuck should I know, I'm not every other 15 year old in the world, I'm the most misunderstood person on earth (or Mars). My problem is me and all the idiots that think I'm like they're asshole boyfriends. I think everybody deseves a chance to be understood before judged so how come nobody does for me? Even some peole I though were cool with me have stabbed my back and turned agianst me. I fucking hate this. I'm usually not this profane or angry but this has been going on all day, I can't get away from this and nobody is around to listen to me right now. So enough of my bullshit...Have A Nice Day

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