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Jim Hudson
Posted 2008-07-29 2:04 AM (#15196 - in reply to #14909)
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Location: Rocking In The Florida Dark !
One thing I never realised living in New York is how in some little southern towns they are so backwards they are still fighting a civil war that generations before us had to do with. .Living in New york ,I had no idea about this kind of predjudice existing today but in some little towns it is prevelent and taken seriously,Its a shame and most people dont realise it if not confronted with it directly. In New york I liked everyone basically untill I became a victem of some of this myself. As little as twelve years ago I had law enforcement as in a( Hwy Patrol Cop) in the carolinas telling me in a store I owned how much he would pay for things,sort of made up thair own prices and were serious and if you didn't cooperate they had ways of screwing you as well 'My Hand to God on this one! (Oh and I dare that SOB to confront me with it) and the DA's and police in that area were all in cahoots with eachother.which screwed me for years in certain jobs etc. and with a job I tried to get at Walgreens the unfortunate part is places like that are so far away from this scean they basically can't see it which really is a shame. . In this town the Sheriffs office and all the lawyers are on the same street- and the courthouse as well ,corruption,Shi------ in Town as well -Gee seem a little strange -yea to me to! Not everyone is like this ,but even my sister from Texas who lives between Dallas and ft worth today, tells me in some places if your not a native Texan better watch out. while I wouldn't worry unnessasarally I wouldn't desmiss it ,despite what others might say ,as Ive seen some of this personally,which is one reason Ill never where a cowboy hat ,Ive seen enough predjudice to last me a life time,The really shame part is as a New yorker I had no predjudice at all-now I do but I try to keep it in perspective. ,so have a good time but do realise in some little towns out of stater's can be a target--For real-For the most part have a good time I would say. Hopefully one day we will all rise above this kind of stuff.

Edited by Jim Hudson 2008-07-29 2:33 AM

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