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Peter Gray
Posted 2008-05-02 7:00 AM (#14082 - in reply to #14078)
Subject: RE: Please help me I'm in love
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Nearly A Band Member

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TB. - 2008-05-01 1:22 PM

Dude, there is nothing I don't know about getting the right girl. Just follow my top top 5 tips and she'll be eating out of your hand in no time:

1. Girls like a man to smell of rugged pheremones, so avoid the bath at all costs. Forget deoderants and perfume, after a week or two you'll smell like all the man she'll ever need.

2. Be attentive to her, let her know that you pay attention to those little details such as her split ends, laddered stockings, cold sores and dandruft. Maybe even recommend mild soap and natural yoghurt to deal with "that fishy scent" she has - she'll adore you for this.

3. Stand out from the crowd (aka peacocking) - the true alpha male will always have his signature outfit to help him stand out in a crowd, such as speedo trunks and a rubber swim hat. Why not try this at her usual hang-outs?

4. She needs to know you can handle a woman. Show her this by accidently dropping a stack of pornographic magazines at her feet when you meet her at school. This will show her you've done your research.

5. Every woman likes a man to take control, so whenever she starts talking to you, quickly cut in and steer the conversation towards yourself. She'll love to hear about how you've been collecting beer bottle caps for 8 years, or how your uncle is doing 15 years to life for armed robbery. For goodness sake just don't let her talk about herself - she knows all about herself already and will find this a complete turn-off to talk about.

If you need any more help just come right back here fella.

So that's were I was going wrong!!

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