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Posted 2007-12-20 11:46 PM (#12489 - in reply to #12463)
Subject: RE: What are your jobs SMF's ???
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Awe, poor spawney! I can imagine that, I used to work in the mall as a industrial cleaner. I hated fixing the mega floor polisher together by putting on the giant buffers- not coz I was on my own in a giant shopping centre, but because one of the security guards would yell out at ya to make you jump- or make ghost noises to try and scare ya through the antenoy. I never knew when they were going to be up to their tricks LOL. The worst thing is- when I had to clean the public toilets, you can sense someone watching you even tho the whole room is empty as if someone is directly behind you, then after I was told by the guards with no pun about a woman who was found dead on the toilet, a girl who died of drugs on the loo and a young school girl who was murdered in the mall where I floor clean..also people saying they see monks or Elizabethan dressed people who just disappear as the people get closer. the night supervisor also saw something- and it scared the crap out of her and she had the night security scanning the floors for unusual sightings, sadly the recording of the  camera wasn't facing where she wanted it to.

Now I work nights at ASDA throwing on five pallets of stock the height of my self Normally I work on the sweet isle or the home bake isle- then cleaning away the packaging, sorting out waste products and miss shelved stock & lastly I facing up...easy work but can be worrying when you get a drunk following you around the store- the only place I hate working is on wines and spirits...I worry incase I smash the wine bottles coz I hate the smell of alcs.

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