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Posted 2007-11-18 5:33 PM (#11752)
Subject: Eddie O in Vampires Rock...Christmas came early!
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Extreme SMF

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Hey guys how are we all doing? Hope we’re good. I went to see Vampires Rock starring Eddie O again on Saturday 17th and hell…did Christmas come early this year! Read on if you will…

I know a few of the English fans on here have seen it live before, but I wanted to share my experience with the American fans. The show itself is dazzling. It’s a fast ride through some of the most famous rock songs ever made. This year, I have pulled out all the stops to see this show as many times as I could. And why I hear you yell? One name: Eddie “The Fingers” Ojeda.

As soon as I saw this name on the leaflets I thought, “Effin’ hell, that’s Eddie O! I gotta see him.” And see him I have. This weekend I ventured out to my last “Vampires Rock” of the year and the last time I would ever see Eddie O. The seats were great; three rows back from stage right in front of Eddie O. Brilliant, just amazing. When he’s on stage, it’s just electrifying! So the show wraps up and the whole theatre is in a frenzy singing “Bat Out of Hell”. Eddie then takes the mic to sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and everyone is cheering and screaming and you know what he said? It was the nicest thing I heard, he said: “It’s just like being back home.” God bless him. The show ends, and I’m thinking this is my only chance to meet Eddie O…I’m nervous, but hell let’s go. They all go to the foyer to sign posters you see.

So I’m stood in a corner with my mum (who is 50 but loves to rock out, she’s one SMF!) and Eddie just glides in. I’m open mouthed and folks swarm around him. My mum grabs me and drags me towards Eddie. Woah! I’m stood right behind him. My mum touches his hair! He turns and says “It’s all my own! I have a little help from L’Oreal”. I’m stood just open mouthed and just gently touched his hair…oh my…Eventually Eddie signs my poster and then turns and looks straight at me. I go to mush. “Eddie” I coo, “I’m such a fan, great to meet you.” He shakes my hand, sees my t-shirt and hugs me!!! Then he kisses me! He is stunning. Then he says “do you want me to sign your shirt?” “Sure!” I pipe up. So he did. I said my farewells, and let him sign some other folk’s posters. I then decided I wanted my photo took with him! So I wandered back and said “sorry to bother you Eddie”, he turns and says “no not at all” and he poses for a photo and a couple more kisses! I’m one proud SMF! So after meeting the rest of the cast of “Vampires Rock” I reluctantly go home.

So Dee, AJ, Mark and Jay Jay if you read this, I want you to know how proud you should be of Eddie O. He has absolutely spoilt us UK fans rotten! He plays a killer set then meets the fans! There are not many rock stars out there that would be so gracious enough to do that. Eddie, if you read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have not only made my day, but my entire year. Thank you again! “Vampires Rock” is due to appear in Las Vegas soon, so USA fans, if you live near Las Vegas…GO SEE IT! You’ll love it, I swear!

I’ve posted some photos in the Photo Albums under Vampires Rock-Christmas Came Early, some are slightly blurred, sorry about that. But I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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