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SMF Cyndi
Posted 2006-03-21 12:37 PM (#1167 - in reply to #1054)
Subject: RE: NEW! DCT Interviews Jay Jay French!
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Location: Graveyard BLVD.
Quote Donna:
"Anyway, here’s the story right from Jay Jay, word for word. He was honest, forthright, and many times very funny, very much a gentleman who tried as hard as he could to put me at ease full well knowing I was a nervous wreck. A warning to all readers, I am not a journalist, I only play one on the TS website! Do not expect editorializing, prolific writer’s revelations or pontification on the inner meanings of the interviewee’s words. It is what you see here…my questions, and Jay Jay’s answers."

THIS IS THE BEST REAL, HUMAN INTERVIEW I HAVE READ IN A LONGGGGGGGG TIME! It couldn't have been more down to earth! Wonderful Donna! I give this a standing ovation BIG TIME! GO DONNA..GO DONNA...GO DONNA! I truly enjoyed it. Most of the time interviews are premeditated, phony and "robotic"...this was FUN and KEEPIN' IT REAL GIRLFRIEND! THANKSSSSS! I see you were able to bring out the best in our founding Twisted Father, Jay Jay for sure!

" For a country that broke the band it was ridiculous that we hadn’t been back. I mean, it was ridiculous that we didn’t go back there back in the day after we broke out in England. They gave us certain energy, kind of like the energy we had in the tri-state area, the energy was so fresh and the kids were so in to it. They really connected to us in a very unique way. Iit’s hard to describe it but it happens over there. It happens in England and it happens in Europe in general, but in happens in England in particular. America is sterile in comparison, almost completely sterile in comparison to the animalistic nature of the fans in England and Europe."

I enjoyed reading Jay Jay's heartfelt sentiment about England where they first "broke the band." WOW...just goes to show, you can always go back to your roots and still be loved! Hard core fans DO NOT FORGET THE BEST OF THE BEST!

"What we do know is this, Dee has said that he doesn't want to do this any more. Clearly, absolutely clearly. He's done. Which means every show that he agrees to do, it's a fight to get him to do it. That’s a reality; that’s the truth. I would stop playing tomorrow if my artists’ responsibilities became too much to handle. This is a very tough thing to continue. Mark, Eddie and AJ would play forever, that's what they love to do."

This has got to be extremely frustrating then for Jay Jay, Mark, Eddie and AJ. I did not know that Dee really wanted out that bad. I understand he has so many different projects as do the rest of the band, but I guess I didn't realize how dead set against these shows he was and the struggle for all the members to convince him to do them. Hmmm...learn something new every day.

"JAY JAY: Oh, I pushed the hell out of it because of Marty. (For those of you not who do not frequent the TS web site Marty, a.k.a. MP1975, is an old school TS fan from the Staten Island and New Jersey area. One of the proudest and most dedicated, MP’s dream was to hear INGUN performed live just once more in his lifetime. He was such a pain in the ass over it so what happened was I pushed for that."

LMAO! OMG...what can I say! We all were pain in the asses! MP lead, we the SMF peep's followed in suit! HAHA! WE'RE SMF'S till the end! stoppin' us!

Well, this was a great read! Thanks for the opportunity to really hear it straight from the horses mouth! And I am looking forward to Mark's next! WOO WOO!

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