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Posted 2007-09-13 4:59 AM (#10868)
Subject: Personal questionaire-just for fun...
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I am only doing this so we can all get to know each other better, just for fun and because I am interested in my friends on the internet- I have answered all the questions here-Would you be brave enough to answer these questions?

  1. What does your hair style look like? Over grown-just below shoulders.
  2. Last dream of? My dog that passed away (Dee)
  3. Favourite smell? Sandal wood & Frankincense
  4. Favourite tune to play on your guitar? I can't play guitar
  5. What is your ultimate favourite band? Twisted sister & AC/DA are equal
  6. What is your fondest memory? Finding out I made one of my favourite band members laugh
  7. Do you have any wishes? I wish I had my Rotty Dee back, maybe one day in the future he will be back ;o)
  8. What is the nicest thing any friend has done for you? Been there for me/supported me - even tho she's thousands of miles away.
  9. How tall are you? 5 "2
  10. What are you wearing today? Black jeans and red top.
  11. Do you have any pets? yes, many, I have 2 rats, 6 cats, 3 dogs, 1 rabbit...and collecting a new rabbit later today- so 2 rabbits later
  12. What is your favourite food/drink? Chinese curry and drink-tea
  13. How often do you go on the slam board? once every two or three days
  14. Have you got a religion? Pagan
  15. What’s your favourite shop? ASDA- for obvious reasons LOL.
  16. Do you get upset easily? very
  17. What do you look forward for each and every day? seeing my family, pets and friends
  18. Your favourite colour/number? Colour- Electric purple, number 13
  19. Last person to make you cry? my aunt (when she passed on)
  20. Last person to make you laugh? my daughter Sherry
  21. Favourite hobbies? knitting and cooking
  22. Your best friend’s name? (chose only one) Fay
  23. What would you really like for someone to do for you? teach me more
  24. What charity are you more likely to give to? Animals
  25. Last thing you made? JJ French knitted doll-just finished th glasses.

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