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Witch Doctor
Posted 2006-03-18 1:42 PM (#1086)
Subject: Just What The Doctor Ordered...
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Well Boys & Girls Spring is just around the Corner and do I have a Special Witch`s Brew-xxx to take you rite out of your Cabin Fever and make you feel Charged up once again..

Your on the rite track so far because you showed up here,Rite ?

Now all you need is some of your own Brew-xxx,what ever it takes to relax you..

What I did was make some Brew-xxx,I make it Apples "High" in the hills.. one shot of my Brew-xxx will "Give You The Chill`s"..

Then the "Tunes".... ahhhhhh Yes theres only one group of guys that can fill my Cup of Brew-xxx.. You Guessed it without me even telling you who,for This Dr of Witchs only one Band will work,But they must be SICK for the cabin fever spell to be unlocked..

So this morning I invite some witchs over for an EXAM..lmao.
They seemed sorta "Down" so I pour some Brew-xxx put on some "AXES 2 AXES" wait about 3 minutes and Holly Shit what a change in the atmosphere.. I have never seen these 4 witchs Rock like this ever !!!

The Brew-xxx I make daily but the tunes are there only when I need a "FIX".. and like I said earlier that there is only one Band worthy of this and that is TWISTED FUKIN SISTER..
at this stage of the game I get rite to the Punch,I know what or who it takes to pull me out of being stuck inside all winter and back on track earlier then most... I should talk when I starved for the past few years as far as owning the latest TWISTED C.D.`s due to lack of coins. But now after a certain S.M.F. sent yours truly some C.D.`s,now I can study my Icons even more-so... Bless you !! (you know who you are).. by you sending me those,you dont know how you Picked me up.... so now i`ll return the favor to all who will listen...

The time has just about come where one day you will only have memmories of this "GREAT" BAND,I dont want to sound like a salesman but dont Denie yourself of the gift these 5 are leaving us,get your C.D`s now before they disapere,let alone any shows that are in the works..

Dont Fuck yourself do what the Doctor Orders...

(XXX) Danger !! "Twisted Brew"

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