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Posted 2007-07-18 11:53 PM (#10481)
Subject: Going to tell you a story-based on a true fact!
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OKay- Do you all know what I have been thro while I have been away?

I have met wild animals... not Mendoza ones (coz he's scared of me LMAO)... but one's that actually speak LIMEY style... here they are in sweet Knowsley safari park!!!(Click on the link to see who's talking to me!)...

'HEY LIMES! Where ya been? ... You got a bit of cabbage for me?'

"No Sweet heart-I only came to see if you have seen Twisted sister fans."

'Twisted sister fans???...They are just in the next field or so, arn't they cyndi!' -

'Oh, yes dear... next field or so'

[So limes & chums drive to the next field]


'You talking to me...peanut brain?'

"Yeah-where's the next field?"

'What's a field Joe?'

'Hhm. let me think...'

"Come on you stupid animals-I ain't got all day!"

'Oh sorry human-I think it's this way...'

'George...what was it we were looking for?'

'I dunno, lets just stand infront of this car for ten minutes and think about it.'

"OI... we can't get past! get out of the way!"

'Who me?'

'Hey George!'... {BANG!} Horn hits front of our car!!! Gulp!

'Eerm, (forgets conversation) Mind the metal thing with your horn.'

[We end up reversing after ten minutesof passer bys laughing at us, and enter the next field]

'Drive slowly mate...I'm a Twisted sister fan AND a driving instructor so watch it!'

"okay pal...O.M.G! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

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