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Posted 2006-12-03 2:03 PM (#7615)
Subject: Twisted Sister, Where were you?-20,000 people
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Rock 'n' roll still red-hot at Bake Sale

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Sunday, December 03, 2006

Despite significant, depressing evidence to the contrary, it is safe to say there's hope: Rock 'n' roll is not dead. Nor is it asleep or just resting its eyes.

It is wide awake and swearing like a longshoreman on lunch break. Sometimes it is throwing sweaty bandannas into the rapturous audience or smearing its black eyeliner or leaping into the drum kit at the end of a set.

And as proof that it has the power to restore order to the universe, it still is making young women weep hot, passionate tears.

So let us reflect on the Buzz Bake Sale, 103.1 FM's all-day music extravaganza, which featured a baker's dozen of bands Saturday at Sound Advice Amphitheatre in suburban West Palm Beach. Headlined by My Chemical Romance, it was proof positive that rock still, well, rocks.

Look no further than Adam Lazzara, lead singer of Taking Back Sunday. Making like Mick Jagger and doing his best impersonation of the Oscar Wilde fan club president having a seizure, he ended the band's phenomenal set by throwing himself into the drums. It was awesome, as pure a rock 'n' roll moment as ever there was, all bombast and theatrics. The music was good, too.

In the audience, Justin Blankenship and Matt Pack flashed the devil-horn fingers of approval. Local boys who go to college in Gainesville but drove down specifically for the Bake Sale, they did their part to nurture the myth and legacy of rock: the rock dude head nod.

Hands shoved in pockets, they did a subtle head bang along to the sets of Three Days Grace and Papa Roach. The rock dude head nod is a fixture at any good concert.

There are few things more unified than a rapturous audience singing along, even when the words are "I hate everything about you," a la the Three Days Grace hit.

In a moment of transcendence, Papa Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix encouraged the sold-out crowd of about 20,000 to hold up their lighters or cellphones before launching into the band's most recent single, Forever.

Against the inky night, it was a universe of stars.

That's rock 'n' roll, too - alive and well and screaming its fool head off.

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