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Posted 2006-10-25 6:49 AM (#6868)
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Is there such thing as a nice, kind hearted one?-If so...I got the raw deal!

It was my daughters sweet sixteenth birthday this Sunday gone, and I had to go to work, so Pete asked me what Sherry would like to do for her birthday treat. I suggested that it would be nice to take her out on a trip to Blackpool pleasure beach because I know she loves the rides so he agreed. Next thing he does is invite his mum for the celebration day out. (luckily I'm at work for the day) so she turns up and get's in Pete's car then remarks that the car is uncomfitable, the seat belts are not good, she thinks Sheryl should stop dying her hair black because it doesn't suit her, she is cold in the car, there is a piece of sweet wrapper on the car floor so the car is dirty and needs a clean, the car smells horrible (I guess she didn't like the hanging fragrance LOL), My son Kris had a bit of a problem getting his seat belt done up because he is squashed, so she tells him he is not as smart as he used to be (being nasty), she tells everyone about horror stories of people and children who have died going on fun rides and told the kids to shut up and listen to what she says and they are not to change the subject,  when they get to Blackpool at 2:00pm she says that it's just as well Dee isn't with us because we have too many animals anyway, the journey to the pleasure beach is too far for her to walk (even tho she had hardly got anywhere from walking 90% slower then she normally would in the house making it an hour to get to the fun ride park rather then 20 minutes), her feet hurt from walking, she has a back ache, she thinks the shops is too expensive, my Son is told he shouldn't buy any novelty sweets because they will rot his teeth and his teeth will fall out, it contains too much sugar, she is cold and the rain is too strong, they all get inside the pleasure beach and she tells the kids the rides are too expensive, dangerous and too fast and they shouldn't go on the rides, she is bored so she demands to go back to the car (at the time of 6:00pm). oH WELL, THEY DID MANAGE TO GET ON THREE RIDES.

Then she phones me the next day saying she had a lovely time at the pleasure beach with the kids, and she has made a homemade curry so she is bringing it over within half an hour-make sure Pete is out of bed.


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