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Posted 2011-05-13 11:13 PM (#27475)
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Do you smfs need glasses? Maybe dont understand english? You guys are not getting my point.Well i know,here we go again! I respect but only like a couple of queensryches songs.Only saw them once when they backed up twisted at the chance in 1981.I was using them as an example to show how a band from the 80s came back like twisted and did really good again.They play big shows,write a book,and other adventures,but are not to busy to stop by and play some little clubs every year!Now put on the(GLASSES),I said i dont live in poughkeepsie or been to the chance in 4yrs! Has no meaning to me.Thats where twisted played every year.Again(GLASSES), Iwas only going to use the 2001-20007 but Ill go back since 1980,seen them at the beacon theater,radio city,allentown,newjersey,virginia,Long island,well i could go on.So i just dont go to poughkeepsie to see them! But heres how i see it.The band gets back together in 2001,plays the clubs,starts playing some other gigs like great adventure-virginia beach festival-other little stadiums-one or two hugefestivals and still the little clubs till about2007.Then (I know im repeating) they start playing the huge overseas festivals, alot of them.DO the holiday album and promote it with tv and a gig at the starland.Then go on the 25 tour (STAY HUNGRY ALBUM) and do a warm up at the starland in 2009,(I was there!) and crazy donkey(I wasnt there) and blew the CHANCE off! That was just bad.Okay 2010,2011,huge festivals,NO CLUBS, oh will throw you a bone and play a show at the nokia and didnt even have enough time for you in 2010 to play there!Were too busy.Hey guys why should we play a couple of clubs like the chance or starland when were making great by doing these big gigs and doin all our other projects and were well off.These idiots will keep following us around and paying there way to see us play all over.Hey smfs,tell these guys now you deserve respect and to play a few clubs this year.Give back to the fans,because they sure have given way more back to you!

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